The Time is Now

Dear Friends, Family and Loved Ones,

It's been a long while. While I would like to share the work that has been going on, with you. The message I am to share comes first;

"On the turn of the sun (Summer Solstice, 2018) a clear message has been channelled to me; It is time for us to show ourselves, to reach out and connect - lightwork now goes into a phase of expansion and action. Seek the courage to speak your truth, share your light and to be open to meeting and receiving love and support from other lightworkers. We are building now a larger 'body' of spirit by connecting. 'Light, to realign and reconnect'."
My video was cut in two, so please watch both, while the essence of the message I've been called to share is that it is NOW we do it, it is now you step out of your shadow and show yourself. Spread out your wings, Sister! Spread out your wings, Brother! 

We need to see each other, we need to connect. Be brave, and let's do this!

Light, to realign and reconnect - the time is now!


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