DAY 0: Startup of 30 day Starting Anew Project

Ideas that come to me while I am in a 'connected' state, in touch with both body, spirit and Everything, or Ey as I call 'it',  (aka God, The Universe, The Way, Life, The Spirit, The One etc), those ideas I rarely hesitate to try and implement or manifest.

This 30 day project is one of those ideas, which came to me while recording my previous video.
My only hesitation is that my project is a combination of two other people's projects - and also it includes challenges for me personally that might, quite frankly, seem ludicrous to others. But I will put ego aside and share - as always, if I'm asked to transmit, there is likely to be a receiver out there...

So, firstly. The two projects I will follow are available online for free. They are firstly Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley aka The Universe. (And if you haven't had emails from The Universe
yet, you should sign up. It's a big smile, all of it: )

Infinite Possibilities is a 30 day crash course into Law of Attraction, with Mike Dooley's unmistakeable light sense of joy, love and humor. In 30 days we in this project start our year - and it can start anytime. Mid-summer, late fall, mid-Febuary - you're the Boss, all up to you when the clock starts.

When I started working with 'Infinite' the first time, within 10 days I had received friends, a locale and inspiration for a type of creative work I had longed to do for over a decade. For me, this simply transformed the way I live, and the way I approach life; Life is Magical, and it is ours to create with our dreams and intentions, just watch and see :)

The second project is as mundane as they get, it's about keeping our house in order. But for us earth angels and spiritually gifted people, the mundane can tend to get in the way. This is definitely the case for me; I am awful at managing my human affairs :)  I expect one or two others out there struggle with remembering to put the letters in the mail box, paying bills on time, folding laundry, combatting the piles of stuff on side tables and dressers, the dust bunnies under the couch, buying and cooking good food without stress and managing our finances...?

In the 31 Beginner Baby Steps from (which I just realized are not 30 days, hmm... oh well.) FlyLady gets us started with her system. It is free, there are no tricks there. In short, she started looking into how 'born organized' people, BOs, actually managed their homes and lives - as compared to herself and people like her (SHEs = side-tracked home excecutives), and from that she built a step-by-step guide with a few cornerstones like de-cluttering for 15 a day.

For me, the first time I found her site and began following the Baby Steps, my entire outlook on life shifted. I realized I could become anything. If I could after 40 years of chaos  (CHAOS = can't have anyone over syndrome) could have a neat and beautiful home in less than 14 days, then anything anything anything was possible.

Apart from these to projects I will personally also ad some tasks that I have a hard time getting done in my everyday life;

Teeth: I will focus on caring for my teeth; with floss etc as instructed by dentist.
Paws: I will groom my dogs paws daily.
15min: I will do FlyLady's 15 min declutter. (In addition to the Baby Step of the day).
22: I will go to bed at 10pm, lights out.

And with the two daily tasks that makes six, well seven tasks since teeth are twice daily:
IPP: Infinite Possiblities Project
FL: FlyLady

Of course anyone who does not struggle with teeth problems can just skip that one - maybe find something else that you 'fail' at every day. Or leave it completely for now. I'm adding things because I have done both IPP and FL several times before already. ONE of those is enough. Pick the one honestly most challenging; is your home a mess and you don't like it, go BabySteps. Does your home and personal administration work like clockwork, go Infinite Possibilities.

And is you are already flying divinely through life in abundance and elegance, then skip the project an stay with me for the spiritual discussions in the other videos /posts :)

Please, comment or send a message if you are interested in joining me in this, it is always fun to be a group, keeping up with eachother's progress...


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