(Dragonfae readings Oct 24) 3 Rsandee

Here is the third reading that I made this evening (part from the first one that I made for myself). It is for Rsandee:

Past / root: Chumara - web of life. (What does this mean that this is the third time in four readings this card is picked? The card is not dented or in any way different from the others. It must be that time we are in - that we are all growing towards a point where we are to 'show our faces') Chumara speaks of masks and protection and how it is time to leave yours for now, to try and find space and safe company to reveal your true self. This is your past, so perhaps you have already begun doing this, to some degree. Or since it's the root card also, this process of staying in your truth in more and more areas of your life, could also be what leads to the situation in which the Dragonfae wants you to take the following action:

NOW/ action: Oroki - Boundaries. Oroki is asking you to let him guard your treasures - literal and metaforical, like knowledge or perhaps identity - while you for a time take the necessary steps for your development; move away from your home, your work or your treasures. They will there when you return. The message is to look over how you care for your valuables, check your insurance, your car maintenance, your energetic boundaries, physical boundaries, like perhaps front door? and take steps to protect your knowledge. If/when those practial arrangements are in order, look at your health and well-being, treasures of their own, and also - let go of worry. Oroki is a fierce protector of wealth, you are safe.

My interpretation is also that this is perhaps mostly regarding personal boundaries, if you have indeed begun to show yourself without a 'mask' there might be a reaction to this. No change is smooth sailing. So energy boundaries and call on Otori to keep you safe from personal 'intrudors' and trust that all will be well. Boundaries also means not to leak energy where it is bound to be lost, chose safe places to trust your 'valuables' to people -
 your true self.

FUTURE/outcome: Dreamcatcher - dreaming your wisdom. The Dreamcatcher promises she is with you by your side at night when you dream, she will send you messages that you need, and she will if you allow it take with her what you no longer need, cleansing you from irritation and difficulty. She can help you shine a little brighter, and tell you the future. She asks to be let in.

So, this is a promise of prophetic dreams if you allow it, once you have taken the other steps mentioned (beginning to reveal your true self and practicing boundaries/asking for protection). You can keep a dream journal, if you don't already and trust that what ever communication comes your way, you are safe and protected. "They are real messages, from real beings, and the Earth changes we speak of and your part in them are true prophecies".

Wow! That's quite something.

– Web of All Life

“Beyond the mask we all wear of identity, beyond the construct of who we have been conditioned to believe we are, lies your face, your self. This face is tender and new in so many ways, as you have not shown her to the world before. This face has been protected because the world has seemed and proved indeed at times to be dangerous and unkind place, where those of us who feel different are proved to be so as we brave the taunts and finger pointing. But i now tell you that your protections, your armor and your shield can be removed safely with me. Do not discard her, as you may need her yet in certain situations.”
“But know now she is your armor and her role is to protect your true being. To you, I now reveal myself. See? Many have recoiled in horror at who I truly am. I am a Dragonfae Maiden, a Spider-Woman, a being of webs and change and destruction, and re-creation. Each day I must remake my world…I feel along its sensory threads to see what needs reconstruction and what needs to be let go of. For I am, as you are, part of the new web of life – a web of life that embraces our differences and yet understands that we are one. I ask you today to look at the webs in your life that must be remade and rewoven.”

About Chumara: “Chumara is a Dragonfae Goddess from this world and beyond who presents as a spider, as she is a powerful weaver of energies, dimensions, and time. She is healing the rifts in dimensions and time and we can assist her by understanding who we truly are and by working on our own individual weavings with consciousness and peaceful power. She holds together the strands of all four directions and creates ripple effects along them so we can communicate with worlds beyond this one known as Gaia.”
“Chumara is the creation energy which brings together nations and tribes, peoples and families, from this world and beyond, from other dimensions and times. Thus she is our mother of time and is often present when we have past life memories and experiences, when we receive premonitions about our future, as she weaves together the strands that hold past, present, and future in place. she knows they are all linked and that a ripple in one can be felt, no matter how far apart we seem, because we are all linked by the web of life.”
“She communicates via energy and sound, and thus you may hear a high-pitched ringing in your ears when she connects with you, as this is the vibration of the galactic web. Her role is to assist us in moving beyond our notions of economic short-term thinking, and moving into galactic environmentalism…not simply for Gaia, but for all with which she is connected. She wants us to see the Universe as our home too. She wishes for us all to remove the mask that says “I am this,” and to know we are that, but we are also so much more.”

Divinatory meaning: “Coming out about beliefs, revealing more of your true and vulnerable self to family; beginning to work in groups; understanding cosmic consciousness; finding a new family, understanding connections; making meaningful relationships that have far-reaching impact; learning more about people’s true selves. Revelations about cultural heritage and family and personal histories may be forthcoming when Chumara makes an appearance in your life. she also represents strides being made on a global and cosmic level on peace, communication technologies and understanding sixth sensory experiences, dream experiences, astral travel and time travel.”

Working with Chumara: “Gently revealing who you are in safe environments; exploring more about galactic consciousness; understanding your own personal and cultural history; bloodline vibrations and exploring your ancestry; being honest in situations where previously you may have kept silent; refusing to engage in falsehood for false peace; being who you are; becoming more sensitive to vibrational communication and higher vibrational living; creating a new family based on values and beliefs that are sacred to you; being in integrity with your beliefs; understanding your true self is beautiful, powerful and loving; activating the web in your life, working with the powers of the four directions, being open to the concept of communicating with beings from beyond our solar system.”

OROKI - Boundaries 
Oroki speaks: " I have always had a difficult role: as is yours at present. You, like I, have a choice: Do you stay where you are, and defend what is yours, or do you trust that I can take care of it for a time, for you, and move foreward into a new area? For here I am, willing and quite able to protect this treasure, and yet you will not move forward."

"Take some time away from responsibilities at this moment and trust that all will be well. if you fear for your material well being, I am here to tell you that the nest egg you have created, the treasures in you hidden trove will be protected... but you must take the necessary steps. You must be able to move away from your home, your work, your bank account, your treasures, just for a moment, as to stay and stare at them will not satisfy you. Yes, they are beautiful... but you must trust that they will be here when you return... for I am guarding them. And while my guard is here for you, non shall slip by me!" 

About Oroki: [in short] He is vigilant and watchful, and he has your best interests at heart. [...] When Oroki comes forward in a reading, know that he will guard your belongings!

Divinatory meanings: Correct security measures need to be in place, insurances [...] updated [...] take practical steps for self-defence, and energetic health and well-being. Guard your wisdom well, too, as the jewels Oroki protects can also be that of your wisdome, experiences and talents... do not give them away lightly.

Working with Oroki: Care for your belongings, secure them [...]Defend what is yours by creating energetic boundaries, real physical boundaries and knowing that they are safe. [...]Once these are in place, allow yourself peace of mind and call on him to protect your treasures... he is vigilant and a very formidable guardian!"


Dreamcatcher, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish
Dreamcatcher, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish
From the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish
Dreamcatcher: “Dreaming your wisdom”

Dreamcatcher Speaks: “I am the Dragonfae being who comes in the night, who travels through the dimensions to the doorway of the worlds, I will stand while you sleep and send you messages that you can unravel in your waking hours. All that is no longer needed will come to me, if you allow it, and I will catch it in my web between my hands, lit up by the light that travels from the solar plexus of this Universe, the being you call Sun, but which I call Bel. This Bel shines through your day and at night I reflect that light into you, cleansing what is irritating and difficult for you, but keeping all that which you need to go forward. 
There is nothing to fear from the presence of we dream beings… I am yours, and in your dreams we will journey, we will explore, we will share and we will be happy together. I will help you reach your goals and if you believe, great blessings from Spirit will be yours. We are part of the same tribe and your blood is mine. This dreamcatcher is at your service.

Every night you allow me to visit, I will be your protector, your solar plexus will be opened a little further and your light will shine a little brighter in this world. I can help you see the threads of your future and to follow them. Let me into your dreams. Invite me in. This is my request of you.”

About Dreamcatcher: “The import of dream oracles has been spoken of in many ancient cultures, from the Greeks to the Lakota, from the Celts to the Norse. We are all being given chances to learn and to dream into being the truth of who we are while we do this thing called sleep, in which our being is trained and worked with in the spirit world. The Dreamcatcher being will come to you as the teacher you need, holding the sacred feather of the air, the bells which will be rung by the Dawn Watcher and the threads which woven together create your perfect and knowable and unknowable destiny.”
Divintory Meanings: “Prophetic Dreams; Precognisance; Dreams Of Elders Speaking With You; Working On Opening And Empowering Your Solar Plexus; Beginning to Seek Your Dreams Out Purposefully; Placing Action With Dreams. Finding feathers during the day, receiving messages from owl and eagle, and from wise women. Breathing Deeply while sleeping, sleeping well with the air being well-oxygenated, using oil burners.”

Working With Dreamcatcher: “Keep a dream journal; dimensional travel; communications between worlds, receiving messages without judging them; ensuring regular, healthful sleep; changing bedroom, clearing sleeping space, clearing space generally. Trusting that you are safe and protected while you sleep. Knowing that friends believe in your dreams: but that you must believe in them most fiercely of all. Allowing the ephemera to slip through fingers in the past: know that now the chances and dreams can be held. Looking at the elders’ teachings in your dreams. 

The beings of all four directions, and the sacred or magical circle or hoop of the Dragonfae and of all the indigenous peoples of the Earth, are with you now. You are a part of this divine circle and we are returning to speak to you, particularly at night, when you feel most safe receiving our messages. These are not “imaginations”. They are real messages, from real beings, and the Earth changes we speak of and your part in them are true prophecies.”*


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