DAY 16: Rituals AND a little Random Reading

Today, on Day 16 of this 30 day (31) project we are asked to do two rather diametral things, while they are part of the same overall goal: To build routines that will stick with us after these 30 days (31).

For the Infinite Possibilities Project Day 16: we are asked to look at what could be some rituals we could do daily that are solely dedicated to transformation. These videos of course are rituals, and the 5 minute visualizing, if you stuck with those - but what can we start doing today that you can keep up with after the project finishes? I do morning prayer and meditation. It is something I do every single day, with very, very few exceptions. But for me that is not really for transformation, that is for my sobriety. So, what I would like to add - somewhere in my day - is a solid 5 minutes by my vision board.

I also did a really helpful thing for a while; weekly meetings with myself. I did them on mondays, took out my lists of babysteps towards my goals, and updated them with which i had done, what new baby steps had occurred. And i rewarded myself for any work I had done - in my case I used cold cash as reward and put them in a treasure chest :) It was a real one, a mini-treasure chest, and I used gold coin money, we have that in Sweden, so it looked AWESOME in the chest <3

I'll try that again.

FlyLady on the other had, is going with a kind of general ask today: Go to the site and read something; a Morning Musing, or a testament or an article. Since, we are getting emails every day - and several of them, we have now learnt to delete them, but this is a reminder to randomly read one every once in a while. Sometimes, they say us nothing, and then it took us perhaps a minute to read - and then delete. But The Divine does have a way to put in our path what we really need to hear, so I've found that more often than not, when I read an article or a message, there is something I really needed to hear there. Especially after I stopped being a 'good girl' and dilligently reading everything :D

We do not read everything!

Have a beautiful day! / Mi


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