Are you ready?

I was out traveling last week and there was like a peak of all of the energy connecting that has been going on, and I wanted to tell you about it.

Are you ready? (Part 1) 
Please, dear loved ones - get ready, this is happening, we really are on the move are you do know your part <3

The Time is Now

Dear Friends, Family and Loved Ones,
It's been a long while. While I would like to share the work that has been going on, with you. The message I am to share comes first;
"On the turn of the sun (Summer Solstice, 2018) a clear message has been channelled to me; It is time for us to show ourselves, to reach out and connect - lightwork now goes into a phase of expansion and action. Seek the courage to speak your truth, share your light and to be open to meeting and receiving love and support from other lightworkers. We are building now a larger 'body' of spirit by connecting. 'Light, to realign and reconnect'." My video was cut in two, so please watch both, while the essence of the message I've been called to share is that it is NOW we do it, it is now you step out of your shadow and show yourself. Spread out your wings, Sister! Spread out your wings, Brother! 
We need to see each other, we need to connect. Be brave, and let's do this!
Light, to re…

DAY 24: Fan mail & Swish'n Swipe

So, guys - for those of you who have actually been following the project, I am sorry I got sidetracked again. I am hoping at some point I will learn to ride these cycle of introversion, spiritual expansion, physical, material expansion and retraction again...

Until then, I just 'jump right in!'  :D

For Infinite Possibilities Day 24: is a cute task - we are to write a letter to ourselves from an admirer of our future self when all our dreams have manifested. This is so much fun - first time I did it I felt awful about it; I couldn't write hardly anything about myself that didn't either feel like a lie or really tasteless self-glorification :D

But I did find a few things, I could write focusing on the things I wish to learn for the future - and my present admiration for people that have those skills. And for the things I would do to help others and the world. That being manifested, there would be quite a lot to say thanks for!

Baby Step 24 is an important one - this one I…

Message from the Tarot - or Music, maybe.

So, friends - do you believe in tarot readings?

I don't.

That is - I don't, in the same way I don't believe in ghosts or God or angels or healing or telepathy:

I don't believe in them, I just experience them.

I've been in a long slump. Taking care of my material business and doing my 30 day project, and just stumbling into more and more material issues. (Law of attraction for you, but hey we are materially visiting in a material time and space, so ignoring the physicality of us all, is not really an option, is it. Trust me, I've been there done that - didn't work.)

Today, I did some good things for myself on a very spritual level; I met with a new friend and spent some quality time outdoors and in good company. This had a rather sharp backlash - my apprentice got in big trouble during the day, and her strife affected me - so now, at night I just could not sleep at all.

So, I snuck into the forum to see if I could find inspiration. And I found it in the taro…

DAY 23: I Have Received! And Afternoons

Day 23 is a great one!

For BabySteps we are starting a new group of routines; Afternoon Routines. These are individual chores that you need in your life, things that might benefit from being taken care of before you put your feet up after your workday. For me it's begin preparing for dinner. Chopping, mixing, marinating etc., so that food is just 20 minutes away or so.
For someone else it might be vacuuming,  or doing laundry or the mission for the day, or administrative stuff, 30 minutes office hour...

The great thing about routines it that they hardly 'cost' any energy once the routine has been established. So figure out what you never seem to get done, put it in her 5min a day, for example :)

Mike Dooley on his side is asking us to Be Grateful, so it's your basic gratitude list - but only because gratitude for what we have received is an easy way to get into the 'receiving' state of mind - which in turn automatically will give us more. So in the list of grea…

DAY 22: Procrastination & Perfectly Lovely Things To Do

Today is Day 22 - a great magical number! 
And my two favorite sages on how to live earth life better, Mike Dooley and Marla Cilley, converge again - but it might not be completely obvious at first glance:
Our Baby Step 22 is about procrastination; the question is 'did you do your control journal yet'? Well, did you? I started mine, as you remember - I have pictures. But I havent put anything in it since...! I think I remember everyting without it. I don't. I want the colors to be right, I want good looking dividerr, I want this and that - and I don't like the fold in the cover plastic. 
Ok. So FlyLady states that procrastination comes from perfectionism. 
I didn't agree. A huge part of me still resist it, I'm a mess, I'm ok with so-so. Everything is just so-so in my life anyway. 
But here is the thing; I don't like it. Most things in my life - I don't like! So, maybe I am a perfectionist after all. A desillusioned pessimist, who has given up and t…

DAY 21: Playing Make Believe to Receive

So, today is day 21.

Hope you guys have picked up a useful thing or two; I also hope you have stuck with the babystep routines listed... Today's task is one I did in the beginning; reading the Q&As. I took it to heart that all the negativity in my mind needed to be 'flywashed' away, with postitive stories and inspirational ideas. After a while of reading, that need subsided - if I'm more positive than the shares, then I think I've graduated :)  But read one or two, only as much as your heart can stay open for - and don't get lost and spend more than 5 minutes reading, either. Baby Step 21

For Infinite Possibilities our Day 21 is a challenge, at least for me who tend to be rather private around my dreams. We are to speak of our dreams - as if they had come true - with another person; a friend who also believes and works with thoughts becoming things. Listen to Mike Dooley in the video, and lets find the courage to do it. (Who on earth do I know I could do th…