DAY 21: Playing Make Believe to Receive

So, today is day 21.

Hope you guys have picked up a useful thing or two; I also hope you have stuck with the babystep routines listed... Today's task is one I did in the beginning; reading the Q&As. I took it to heart that all the negativity in my mind needed to be 'flywashed' away, with postitive stories and inspirational ideas. After a while of reading, that need subsided - if I'm more positive than the shares, then I think I've graduated :)  But read one or two, only as much as your heart can stay open for - and don't get lost and spend more than 5 minutes reading, either. Baby Step 21

For Infinite Possibilities our Day 21 is a challenge, at least for me who tend to be rather private around my dreams. We are to speak of our dreams - as if they had come true - with another person; a friend who also believes and works with thoughts becoming things. Listen to Mike Dooley in the video, and lets find the courage to do it. (Who on earth do I know I could do this with....?!!)

Good Luck! / Mi


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