DAY 23: I Have Received! And Afternoons

Day 23 is a great one!

For BabySteps we are starting a new group of routines; Afternoon Routines. These are individual chores that you need in your life, things that might benefit from being taken care of before you put your feet up after your workday. For me it's begin preparing for dinner. Chopping, mixing, marinating etc., so that food is just 20 minutes away or so.
For someone else it might be vacuuming,  or doing laundry or the mission for the day, or administrative stuff, 30 minutes office hour...

The great thing about routines it that they hardly 'cost' any energy once the routine has been established. So figure out what you never seem to get done, put it in her 5min a day, for example :)

Mike Dooley on his side is asking us to Be Grateful, so it's your basic gratitude list - but only because gratitude for what we have received is an easy way to get into the 'receiving' state of mind - which in turn automatically will give us more. So in the list of great things you have received, add a few that are still to come, that you are grateful for ;)

It's a fun exercise:

Today I am grateful for my sponsor, a wonderful friend.
I am grateful for my dear friend who wants to see me tomorrow.

I am grateful for the dinner I'm invited to at another dear friends house, and for the joyous company she keeps.

I am grateful my dog is in a home where she is loved and excercised, and I get a vacation.
I am grateful for my wings!
I am grateful for the healing work I have been blessed to do.
I am grateful for my beatiful home. ¨
I am graeful for my chicken and their eggs, that they are healthy and happy.
I am grateful for the success of my daughter and her safe happy life.
I am grateful for the whit of my son, and his successes and humor.
I am grateful for my garden.

I am grateful for my beautifu home and the decorating that was a treat to do.
I am grateful for my supportive family, who accepts me for who I am.
I am grateful for my art, the show we made, the response we had and the opportunities now open to me.

I am grateful for the open word in front of me.

Have a good day <3


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