DAY 22: Procrastination & Perfectly Lovely Things To Do

Today is Day 22 - a great magical number! 

And my two favorite sages on how to live earth life better, Mike Dooley and Marla Cilley, converge again - but it might not be completely obvious at first glance:

Our Baby Step 22 is about procrastination; the question is 'did you do your control journal yet'? Well, did you? I started mine, as you remember - I have pictures. But I havent put anything in it since...! I think I remember everyting without it. I don't. I want the colors to be right, I want good looking dividerr, I want this and that - and I don't like the fold in the cover plastic. 

Ok. So FlyLady states that procrastination comes from perfectionism. 

I didn't agree. A huge part of me still resist it, I'm a mess, I'm ok with so-so. Everything is just so-so in my life anyway. 

But here is the thing; I don't like it. Most things in my life - I don't like! So, maybe I am a perfectionist after all. A desillusioned pessimist, who has given up and thinks everything is pointless because it will never turnout as I want it any way. Ha - wonderful base for som LOA (Law of attraction) work, huh?

BUT I started doing it the FlyLady Way, eventhough i didn't believe it applied to me: LESS is MORE! Do a little, and it will get you a long way. 

And one of the things FlyLady insists on is 15 min of declutter - and then 15 minutes of feet up / doing something you love. Since, I never used to do anyting  - I never felt entitled to rewards before, not real treats. But doing a little and getting a little treat, made things start rolling... 

And this is where the two sages meet today, because Mike Dooley today asks us to make a list of
20 things we love to do. And to do 3 of those things every day. 

And these are the treats we give ourselves when we have finished a 5 min room rescue, or the weekly home blessing etc. And the combination of the two is pure magic. You'll see... go unprocrastinate and get your gold!    Love / Mi


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