DAY 24: Fan mail & Swish'n Swipe

So, guys - for those of you who have actually been following the project, I am sorry I got sidetracked again. I am hoping at some point I will learn to ride these cycle of introversion, spiritual expansion, physical, material expansion and retraction again...

Until then, I just 'jump right in!'  :D

For Infinite Possibilities Day 24: is a cute task - we are to write a letter to ourselves from an admirer of our future self when all our dreams have manifested. This is so much fun - first time I did it I felt awful about it; I couldn't write hardly anything about myself that didn't either feel like a lie or really tasteless self-glorification :D

But I did find a few things, I could write focusing on the things I wish to learn for the future - and my present admiration for people that have those skills. And for the things I would do to help others and the world. That being manifested, there would be quite a lot to say thanks for!

Baby Step 24 is an important one - this one I really suggest you take to heart and keep doing. When my FlyLady routines fall out, three or four stay with me: Shine my sink!, Make my bed!, sometimes Lay of clothes for tomorrow - but almost always Swish'n Swipe!.

For Swish'n Swipe you will need a few extra window polisher sprays; one for each bathroom/toilet. And towel cloths. (When you declutter your bathroom towels, save one or two you like but that are worn or permanently stained and cut them to the size of two hands).

Swish  is the quick swishing of you toilet bowl with the brush. FlyLady suggests emptying old shampoo that you really don't like but feel bad about just throwing out into the 'brush jar'. That is what I've done for years now. And swishing takes NO time. The bowl i sALWAYS clean.

Swipe is spraying you bathroom mirror, your sink and your toilet seat area with window cleaner - and wiping it down. Starting with the mirror ending with toilet rim. I normally use one cloth to wipe down mirror and sink and then take another one for the lid and seat, before ending with wiping under and around the seat.

Does not take 1 minute - and gives you a shining mirror and sink all day!!! LOVE THE SWISH'n SWIPE :)

Try it ;)


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