Message from the Tarot - or Music, maybe.

So, friends - do you believe in tarot readings?

I don't.

That is - I don't, in the same way I don't believe in ghosts or God or angels or healing or telepathy:

I don't believe in them, I just experience them.

I've been in a long slump. Taking care of my material business and doing my 30 day project, and just stumbling into more and more material issues. (Law of attraction for you, but hey we are materially visiting in a material time and space, so ignoring the physicality of us all, is not really an option, is it. Trust me, I've been there done that - didn't work.)

Today, I did some good things for myself on a very spritual level; I met with a new friend and spent some quality time outdoors and in good company. This had a rather sharp backlash - my apprentice got in big trouble during the day, and her strife affected me - so now, at night I just could not sleep at all.

So, I snuck into the forum to see if I could find inspiration. And I found it in the tarot section. It's been a while, so it really surprised me. The april callenge thread and the card I drew, gave me the sense of wonder and wind beneath my wings again...! Just look at this beatiful card again. Fool or faith; well I believe I have both and I actually believe that both can inspire.

I dare being crazy. And I do dare the new adventures. The outcome is not up to me, just the courage to stand ready when life sweeps us away into the new!

So this card had me go find my Shadowscape tarot cards, and make a reading for myself of three questions:

1) What about my fatigue? (I feel I'm losing my spiritual connections for lack of continuity)
3 Pentacles. Gorgeous card of a woman carrying the burden of the world with a smile, in turn carried lovingly by a man. //Unlike the classic Tarot - I don't read teamwork into this, but partnership. And in my case, the lack there of.//

2) What about 'my man' - the person I met spiritually, who promised he would come when he could? (Do I need to let go, did I misunderstand?)
5 Wands.  A man bogged down by a horde of foxes, jumping, running, climbing, weapon up, heading determined out of the mess.  //I do believe he got a bit delayed due to outer circumstances.//

3) What else do you need me to know? (And this is the important one!)
Page of Wands:

So, here is a woman playing her tune and all the world is curling up, joining in, dancing, listening, chillin.

I absolutely LOVE this card. NEVER saw it before, identify so with it. My bed is filled with my son, my dog, my two cats and I loooove the idea of music as thought, divinity, inspiration. 

The actual description of the card was this:
Creative, passionate, confident, assured and assertive. A messenger.
Music is the universal language.

I chose to read this rather literally, the Divine knows I'm tired and need clarity :) So I will remember that I am a messenger, and possibly see if there is music I need to share... 

Whatever happens, I really feel reminded of the power I possess and the task I have to spread this 'tune' and energy. Very grateful for all the ways available to us to get our divine inspiration from. 

And if anyone would like me to try giving them a reading, I'll be happy to. Just IM in the forum or write an email or a comment here. 


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