Magic Warrior

So, warrior.

That world has such magic, such nobility. It is the word of a fearless, skilled soul prepared to fend 'til the end for their cause.

And the cause, as my heart hears the word 'warrior', is always just.

There is fire, there is muscle, there is stealth, and steady confrontation. And when I 'warred' I felt divine, I felt invincible, I felt well, like I would earn my place in heaven - eventhough I believed in no such thing ;) - by fighting the just fight.

I also felt like a fraud.

My warrior was a costume, I wanted to be someone fearless. But I had to go into 'crazy space' to be that. The space where I got fearlessness was one of rage and vengeance and loss and humiliation.

It worked. But I felt dirty. There was no nobility in that fury. I laid others victim to the same condescending brute force, that I had myself been anihilated by in my infancy. Triumphs were all ego, no glory.

And when the quest became complicated and the path was no longer straight, when all the turns that could be mapped out, turned out to be dead ends and giant multinational monster were perched at the end of everyone of them, when there was no hope in sight - I struggled on, for quite some time I crawled onwards. Bitterness creeping in, gnawing at me. No way out. Only destruction and greed and slow moving trains stopping for nothing.... And then I broke.

Thank God.

For then my life began.

But when I got the card 'justice' the other day, that bitterness and the folly of my fight - was what it reminded me of. And I am grateful, because I admire the honorable warrior so, and clearly I have that power in me - but I cannot be free to access the full power of it, until I release the old mistakes and the old 'build'. And the old failures not the least.

For a long time, I've known there is only one way Gaia can be saved. And I'm talking 3D, whatever others think happens in 4D or 5D or what-not, I know she matters everywhere. Her energy is much needed, like a healing heart of the Universe, generating heat and healing for the other; to spheres and eons and dimensions far out of our reach.

The way is by spiritual awareness, awakenings, mass-awakenings, a miracle.

And when my path was clear, I felt no fear. (So far, I feel very little success too... 😉 ).
No fear, only a very strong step, and an open heart. Actually, come to think of it, the closed heart was not even a possibility, it was unfeasible. And how to 'war' was crystal clear.

We are fortunate in that we get to live as humans, and get to forget - all the time! With forgetting, doubt shows up, bad memories, and triggers to the ego stir up a mess where the waters had just settled in to perfectly smooth sailing...

My oracle card reading made clear to me, that I had strayed from that original clarity, away from the concept of 'warrior' - transforming it into something without any power, into a begger hoping for mercy.

So, what do I think the Spiritual Warrior is? How can any 'struggle' be spiritual, life is where the ease is, God shows us our way and it is just flow. Going where the flow is not, is to not be aligned - so how can 'struggle' all of a sudden be divine? Well, it's actually fairly easy to see now; We are in human world.

Humans are flawed. Any path here will have bumpy humans on the road, so to speak, including ourselves who will bump us off track when we least expect it 😇

I have little tiny humans in my life and they are extremely bumpy, and they make me into Ms Mega-Bump several times a day. It only takes a split second - and all my divine light and healing serenity is just out, like the flicker of a light... Impressive little-human-skills in my offspring.

But seriously, we are after all talking about a divine quest. Why cant I just be suitably reverent...?

The Spiritual Warrior is a soul on a path, who receives all that life hands them, drops on them or throws at them with grace and a steady step forward. (As Robert Bessler writes in the article The Spiritual Warrior that I quoted in my last post, an open heart.) To meat oppostition or obstables or even danger with an open heart.

The Warrior has a direction, a cause. The direction can change, it is an open question with an attentive ear to guidance, to the flow of faith, but there is 'forward' mobility.

The Warrior has strength and stealth. It is a strong heart, it can stay open, it can take all.
The Warrior will 'fend til the end' with steady 'confrontation'. It has the the most effective weapon of all, the sword of all swords; the open heart that receives and releases - and accepts and heals - and relieves and diffuses. It is not confrontation in common sense, but it is clearly 'to front' - to face the obstacles or opposition, to not yield but rather to absorb resistance, dissolve it, clear it.

The Warrior is fearless. There is nothing to fear. So, it is not bravery, it is true fearlessness.

"There is fire." That's what I wrote, also.
I believe this depends you the soul character. Some will find enery in water, others in earth, fire or air. In my case I think I more clearly can feel the place peaceful conviction in association to water, for now, since my 'old' human warrior was to fueled by fire. It will take me a while longer to 'cleanse' the fire for myself. But 'fire' is determination, it is direction and it is 'til the end. And as such, of course there is fire!

"There is muscle". This is the physical presence, the human body taking up space, unappologetically, using our 'muscular ride', our borrowed bodies, as they deserve, that we are connected to this physical life and devoted to it.

And lastly, The Warrior is always just. With an open heart there can be no ego. The Warrior will not do anyting to anyone. They will find a way to move gently down their own path. They will allow others to heal if they wish, to be inspired and to change, but also to shy away to remain unchanged and to loudly slam the door, block our way or burn our car. The Warrior will see possibilities for what they are, and distractions for what they are, and neither will blind them or seduce them, nor snare them and enrage them. The open heart provides a perfect guide through the minefield of self-righteousness, stubborness, pride, over-zealousness, self-centeredness and arrogance.

The Spritual Warrior is grand.

And will never be grander than their fellow human traveller; the heart that meet theirs is both level-headed and level-hearted, no more, no less divine than they are.


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