Spiritual Warrior Revisited

It is really interesting how writing about something can make things I already thought I understood, stand suddenly crystal clear.

Earlier this evening, I posted to my other half - who ever he is here on Planet Earth - on my go-to forum, an experience with the bottomline: 'I got the card The Lovers, it's true - we're about to meet now...'

It's so juvenile, I know, but I love my humanity and all it's little twists and turns when the dress don't fit. (Ok, I just put all of those words together for fun, English Language, please pardon me for toying with your dignity. Love and Light, always!)

But when I was done writing, I had a clear set of instructions and a clear set of questions to explore. I intend to do this for a few days. The New Moon is next weekend, and that would be the time to direct my attention outwards, acording to my instructions :).

To start off, here is my post:

"Drew three cards yesterday, with a general 'What am I to do at this point' question in my heart. 

The first card I almost put back in the pack, I really felt disgust when I saw it, and more so when I read it. Justice. //First card is where I've been, and for sure, I've been lost in the fight for justice, all tangled up in human errors and the discord of horror that resound in our wake.// 

When I recognized that the card symbolized the past, (a reminder of the lesson of intent and manifestation, and owning up) I then picked card No. 2: Action now. The Door - to new possibilities. About opening up to the change that is provided, trusting that I'm ready. Very suitable and to the point. 

And the third card, the outcome. The moon. About connecting to the moon's healing & clearing powers to gain even more spriritual strenth and clarity. Working w the cycle; going within when she is waining, going dark, taking action, reaching out, when she is rising. Remembering my moon sign. //Which had me back 'at the barricades', since my moon is in Aries, and my first impulse always is to fight injustice, no hesitation. So, there was a nice little loop, worth a revisit... //

But then as I packed the cards away, the pack just wouldnt close properly, it split open;

The Moon. Again. 
And next to it, falling right in my lap:
The Lovers. 


So, I'll be going within now, for the last days of this moon. I will meditate and ask guidance on my warrior character: What is spiritual balance in a warrior? How can fighting for something, working very hard for it, even the element of conflict - be 'aligned', ever? It is clearly part of my strength, but I left it behind because I found no reconcilliation with Spirit for it. Now, I've been asked to look again...

I'll let you know what I learned later, on the other side of the Dark Moon :)

And there, we will be, as we are, also here. 

See ya."

I hope it makes sense, it's a bit cryptic perhaps. The card of justice refers to the struggles against injustice and the act of putting blame - and the spiritual need to realize we receive what we send out, and therefore to learn to accept responsibility for the events in our lives. My disgust was for the card subtitle "Justice will prevail", this used to be what I fought for. For that statement to be true. Without any luck what so ever. 

And after the reading I looked into my astrology chart to find where my moon is, and found an article I read a while ago about cancer/sagittarius ascendent/ aries moon people. Aries moon is the impulsive, outspoken person often fighting other peoples battles. (Identify completely). And the cancer/sag/aries combo only enhances this; they are The Warrior. 

I forgot all about this, after reading it, but it makes even more sense now, that I have to look into what that Warrior actually is, now that the ego is mostly shed and the Spirit is more or less always present. 

So, Google might not be my friend - but he sure is practical. "Spiritual Warrior" rendered this beautiful article:

The Spiritual Warrior (Robert Bressler)

I'm still reading, but I needed somewhere to paste my clippings, so here we go: 

So, to start with they write that the Spritual Warrior is the stage of the spiritual path where the work demands a brave decision, complete devotion, possibly radical change - and the Warrior continues regardless of the difficulties. So, the fight is with life and adversities, nothing else. But still, fighting life is nonsensical, a complete waste of energy, so what is the Spiritual Warrior can strive for?

"[The] ability to keep a pure, sincere heart, even in the face of adversity; to remain true to what you hold in your heart, the seat of the original spirit, even under the threat of death."

The point here, lost a little in this quote is actually that the 'fight' is to keep an open heart. It can be found in the symbol for the Bujin, "Divine Warriors": a sword over a heart. (The combination translating to patience, preserverance or to endure, but the individual symbols lending themselves to interpretations such as above: to stick to the spiritual quest even when a sword blocks the way, or to keep an open heart even when attacked.

The image of the "no-sword capture" - a technique where you swordless, disarm and pacify an armed attacker - speaks very clearly to me regarding this. The idea is that if you can keep your heart open you will be fluent and free, and thus quick enough to reach the attacking sword without harm. I recognize the essence of the open-heart 'fighting'; with an open heart in a situation of attack or danger, I can dissolve the attack, dissolve the anger and face the attacker who is no longer an attacker. This has happened to me, I know what this is. It has happened both with 'spiritual attackers' - my own 'dark side' creations - and with humans in the flesh. I know this. It's a skill I have already worked a lot on. But clearly one that I can continue working on, and will, after this reading. 

I see those actions as a combat where my heart is my weapon, as effective as any sword - dare I propose this as yet another interpretation of the Bujin Diving Warrior sign? 

And this interpretation actually carries over to the passage where they write about how surroundings respond negatively and with low vibration to the bright vibrance of the Spiritual Warrior:

"As the Spiritual Warrior rises ever higher in energetic vibration, reaching upward toward that of the Divine, those around him with low vibration will be threatened by his very presence. [...] In the mirror of the Spiritual Warrior’s heart [.their fears, intolerance and ignorance is reflected.] It is through the distaste of their own reflected image that they must decide to accept change [...] This is the love and service of the Spiritual Warrior."

(Just now this reminds me of a comment many years back; that my 'superpower' [In the friend group I had just aquainted, everyone had a 'superpower'] was 'The Good Mirror'. My new friend said this with excitement at it's accuracy: "You make everyone see their best self!" How does that fit here? No idea, but I'm certain it does...😇)

But the passage above is clear and I agree; there is the service, that is the task, the fight. And again the weapon is the pure heart. 

It is now late, and the rest of the text did not in the same way lock in to my exploration of The Warrior in a spiritual sense, so I will leave it for you to look through. It is great reading, I'm much obliged to have found it.  

Good night. 


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