Fourth day: Angels Have Migraines

Yes, it's true. Angels do have migrains, they didn't magically go away - just yet. For sure, that they  hit me yesterday has to do with the fact that I've been by this screen so much more than I would normally, and certainly also with me being in serious transition these days with all the emotions that go with that.

And also, pain is alway a really great reminder that we have a body. A great anchor, so to speak. Which I might have needed, trying out my wings all day long :D

Oh, I really want to tell you about that..! Another time, though.

So, I will complain: Pain sucks! And it sucks not to be able to do the things I planned to and that other people rely on me to do.

But you know what...

The plan is bigger now. I am an angel, if you missed that! ;)

Jokes aside, the most important thing from now on is this - getting the message out there. And who knows, maybe it will be this video of me in lightfiltering glasses hiding in the shadows, that gets some special persons attention and some how starts a chain of events that rocks the world...?

Anyway, here it is:

Love and light!  (Maybe I should say Love this Life!...?)   / Mi


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