The Beginning

My story is really all I have to give you. I believe it will affect some of the people it reaches, and I will try and be as honest and bold and brave as I can in telling it.

Two nights ago I woke up from semi-sleep and realized I could feel I had wings. Wings that I could move, they were golden and the light from my torso was divine. I was an angel.

Trust me, I will laugh a lot about this, probably all my life, because the collision of urban, modern person and the old testament wrath of God angel stories or the new age romantic dream of being indigo or star or earth angel just do not mix. And still, there it was, a truth laid bare for me, that I could not ignore.

And make no mistake, this is real to me and it is turning my world upside down.

So, please join me in my exploration of what this angel stuff is. I don't know what this blog will be yet, because I just got started on this. But it will be spiritual, it will be honest and it will be investigative and hopefully humorous and inspiring, too.   / Mi, Sept. 28, 2017


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