First Video Ever

So, here is the video I made the morning after I found out I was Uriel. (Yesterday morning that is.)

In it I talk about the main message I have: That living, here on earth, is very important, becase by living we generate healing for the rest of the cosmos. 

I talk about being a sceptic, and an experiencer, with no proof of my experiences, and how I still want to share my experiences. I go through the general terms of time and space, and God and how I use these terms. 
//Updated with new link, and want to mention that I'm rambling,saying 'if you don't believe in angels there's no need to be here' - the opposite is true. I don't 'believe in angels' - that's why this is hillarious!//

Transcript of the video: 
"Oh.. first attempt...there, Hi!


Ok, this is gonna be my first video, ever, that I put online, that – Definitely, my first like any kind of vlog or thing… And I think I will do a radio thing, instead of a video later, but today I’m just excited and I want to get started before I start hesitating and wondering whaaat I’m doing.

So eh, this is gonna be my first video in a sequence of communication as … whoha… Archangel Uriel. Whooot?! Is she crazy?! Yes, of course I am, I believe I’m an angel, of course I’m crazy, move along, nothing to see.

So, I mean, if you don’t believe in angels there’s no use staying here, being here. And if you think I’m nuts, join the club, I think I’m nuts, too!

I’m a sceptic – ah, well.. I can’t really call myself that anymore – but I am a sceptic, I don’t believe in ghosts, I’ve never believed in ghosts. I just experience them. I don’t believe in God, I just live God, I don’t – I have no certainties, I have no – nothing that is fixed, there is no science backing up that electronics break around me, or that I have emotional or spiritual contact with beings that are not physically on earth. None!

But I experience it.

And since last night, I believe that I have knowledge, that I have a lot of power, and that I have a lot of light to share, and that it’s actually my mission, that is what Im here to do, is to send this out there. And so I will. Just plain and simple.

We have a world that is really crumbling. And we have a lot of fear and we have a lot of ego. Which is fear, to an extent. And so many people are growing to awakening, coming a little bit along, and we need to speed this up a little bit, and that’s why I’m here.

So, I have sooo much I wanna tell…! And I started talking in the shower, so Im sort of a little bit prepared. Ok, so basics:

My name is Mi, I’m from Sweden, until yesterday, I did’t believe in angels. I respected that other people work with angels as an expression of spirituality. As a way of receiving messages, in some form, but I did not believe they were actual people. … Hm.. no I’m not going to go into why I think, or what happened then, I’ll save that for another time, the background story, what I do want to say is that … eh…

The basic message that I have is that we are here on earth, living, because when we live, we generate healing to the rest of cosmos, to the rest of all the other realms. And even experiencing pain, is something we do to contribute to this massive amount of healing that is actually generated on earth and sent out… eh… well, ok, then time and space and out and in… they are constructs.

They are just a way for us to sort of ’grasp’ what the universe is, but I will use time, and I will use space, and I will use the idea that the earth is *holding hands like a ball * - a planet! In the universe and the universe is infinite. And that the energy that keeps the atoms together and makes them spin, and have a certain distance from… the electron are at a certain distance from the protons, and that kind of system that is… the thing that makes that happen, that is God. Or that is Existance or that is Life. The fact that we are, in any case or form, that is God, that is the Universe. I will use the word God, but… it’s, Im not really comfortable with it. Eh..

Ok… eh. I’m soo excited! And I’m realizing that I’m sounding a little bit stressed. And that’s human. I really want to convey these things to you, so I just want to feel my wings a little - *laughs* This is so crazy! so seriously, hang on, I’m goint to feel my wings a little, yeah! I’m just going to concentrate a little so that I can actually feel my wings. *laughs* I just love this, this is so fun. Ok. *closes eyes*

Yeah, this is so cool, so cool.

So. I’m sure, that if you have read up on angels, you will know that there are a lot of people channelling different archangels or angels, claiming to be certain angels. And from the start I want to say, it’s not mutually exclusive. We can be all and anything, at the same time as everyone else, it is non-exclusive. I think that is an economic term or. It’s not mutually exclusive? Ok, sorry.

So, because I have a certain part of the universe in me , and at this moment, in this life I believe it has been Uriel., Archangel Uriel, that I have this energy in me, that is her, me. And that does not mean that that part or that structure… whats the what – texture of that identity cant be in another part of the universe at the same time. And plus, time doesn’t really exist, the physics agree, it’s how we experience existance, it’s in a chronological way, while it’s actually all happening at the same time, so of course we can be anywhere at the same time, because now and then are at the same time.

*sigh*I realize I have to figure out who I’m talking to, because I’m trying to explain kind of basic things, to myself and to you, and at the same time, I’m not expecting anyone who does not really believe in spirituality and… uh, all those words. I don’t expect anyone to really watch this unless they’re already interested and already know about these things. I’m actually kind of a new.. beginner. I don’t care for words, I dont’ I don’t care for defining things or… I’ve avoided it. Alot. A long time. Ahum, but, yeah. So,well, we’ll see.

I am really looking forward to this, I am so happy that it was instigated in me, that I was, that – well , that I arrived at this realization. Such a gift!

I think I’ll stop there and maybe I will make another one, where I actually explain what happened. But I’ll stop there. Thank you, over and out! "


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