The second video: First Day parts I and II.

So, today is day three, of my new life. And today has been really busy with the mundane - laundry f.ex. - but also with trying to post the videos that I have already made. The technical stuff behind it does take some time.

I realize I will not be able to record all of my developments, there simply isn't time enough. So, I'm hoping that some of you are with me telepathically following my transition, and to the rest: I'll get the hang of it soon :)

So, the First Day videos talk about the evening when I had the epiphany that I was Uriel; the message that got me started and the different twists and turns, and how it felt.

In First Day II I talk about my brother, and then the actual sensation of wings... :)

TRANSCRIPT of IamAnAngel: First Day I & II:

Transcript IamAnAngel 2

Hi this is Mi. ”Archangel Urieeeel!” I don’t think.. Eh. Yeah, it’ll be fun. So this is the first day. . Last night at midnight, I – today is the September 27, 2017, yesterday was the 26th of september, 2017 – and it was my late brothers birthday. Which is actually really important to this story. And eh.

.. It’s really difficult to talk about this. I don’t understand how anyone, ever would be able to believe, that… It’s just crazy…! But that said, so ok, it’s crazy. Again, move along nothing to see.

This is no fun to watch, I’m sorry, I’m gonna practice, I’m gonna get better at making it shorter and be more precise. But right now I’m really concerned with having it be authentic, so there will be a little bit of pauses, and I have a cold – I saw in the last video I was *snorar* *skrattar* ok.

So I am a, what am I? I’m 44, I have two children. I have done a lot of things, travelled a lot, I’m really creative, I have a good brain, danced, a bit, I do , I want to make some scene things, I have alot of interests, but I have not had a path. And my spirituality journey started I don’t know, six-seven years ago? But it’s been really slow. I haven’t connected to other people so much, I’ve tried every once in a while, I have not been like *gesture*, It hasn’t stuck.

I have read a bit about alot of religions, alot of spirituality, but something in me just sort of repels, the systems the descriptions, the words, learning a wole row of ayhur- this and that and.pranahana - *grimace* I doesn’t It really doesn’t resonate with me. So. I’ve done yoga, I can work with energies, I really can. But clearly one of the things that I have known about myself is that I shy away from set systems. And that I shy away from set systems and people that have everything explained and of course any kind of authoritarian approach, when someone teaches someone and and implies that they have some truth, just breaks everything for me, takes all the spirituality out of it for me.

So, I’ve done it alot alone. But last year I started feeling lonely, and I started to feel that I wanted to speak of these things and that I wanted to find a way to not think that I sounded crazy all the time. I still do, but I try to just skip that: ”Crazy, again!” Ok fine.

And at some point I joined a forum for spiritual matters, and that’s important, because that’s where this happened yesterday. I, yeah, I read that, there was someone who wrote that they needed friends and that they believed in chrystals, angels and something And I decided that I don’t believe in angels, but I also need a friend, and it was a very clear message: ”I’m looking for friends”

So I wrote her, and I wrote I actually don’t believe in angels, but.. something. And then I thought, I don’t know anything about angels… I’ve been doing some card online, where you can draw a card, an oracle card online, so I’ve done that every once in a while. And sometimes the messages are really nice, but for me that’s just a card with a vision, with some really wize words, that are sent to me from the universe via a card. It could have been a bird, I talk to trees, and I talk to ghosts and I talk to – myself, obviously. Eh and I meditate and I get messages bla bla bla. Anyway.

So but anyway, I don’t know anything about angels, so I went into the forum part about angels, to read, you know. And I stumbled upon a thread, the first one that was on there, was ”do you have problems with electricity?” This person was having problems that lights were goin on and off, when they walked pass or when they walked into a room or out of a room. And I know I’ve read something about this some something about indigo children and I’ve been like ”Yeah, I have that!” But when I started writing about it, cause this was addressed to all eh… oh what is the word..? I.A. in- in-herited angels? in- something when your born in something, in- not inbred haha, in-something. When you’re reborn, you’re an angel and you’re reborn as a human. So it was addressed to it. And while I was typing I realized that I’m actually – well, I didn’t even know there were this word, I had to comment on that, because I’m not writing as an angel. Just writing.

And then I was like, what is that really, so I googled it. And here’s – I don’t have the details anymore – but there was one link that showed up, and then I went to another, and then I went to another, and then there was a test where I could answer some questions about which angel type I was or something like that.
And I did, and the questions were VERY clear to me. There was like NO hesitation, what so ever, which one was me, it was just click, click, click, click. And I got this ”Uriel” and the thing is it was so emotional… when I read what was in the text in the description, that I don’t even remember it right now. It was so personal and so intimate and so resounding that I can’t remember it. I can look it up and I can read it to you, because I copypasted it, cause ”this is..!” not -*grimace imitates herself* ”Oh my God this is crazy” , no. Just… It was very, very real to me.

And it was scary because Uriel as I read it was there for very big changes, to instigate very big changes. And why that resonates with me is because I have always been so serious…! And I’ve had this… that ”this is really important! The world is really really important!” So, I’ve been too serious and I’ve not fit in, and then I took on this funny, joking, social lalala thing, because this seriousness was just not acceptable, it didn’t work. So just skipped that.

And then reading that Uriel comes at times of really big changes, prophecies, awkenings, transitions - it made me feel safe. And explained.

And then I read a little bit about all the archangels, and first of all – when.. before my older brother was born – there was a very, very spiritual woman who told my mother, when she saw her pregnant that Archangel Michael was coming, and she asked my mother, she pleaded my mother to name hime Michael. And my mother did, so my brothers had it as middle name or second first name.

And my brother when he passed away, he had brought SO much to the people in his surroundings. So much love, so much compassion but the one thing that he in his entire life! Spread around him was laughter. It was about not taking oneself so seriously, It was about joking. He would show you he loved you by joking with you, by making fun, by twisting things, by turning them around, just making people crack up and laugh. Building friendships, solving conflicts.

And he worked – in Europe these years , he died 3 years ago? - at a muslim private schoool, at a time when islamophobia was just growing. And these children, were stigmatized. Young children, it was a school junior high school, pre-school, I don’t know, little league I don’t know the words, like 7 to 15. And he made so much friends, at his funeral, the church – it was a big church! - it was FULL! Of young children, young kids, young adults who had had him when they were younger and they were now adults themselves, working to become teachers themselves, who had been inspired by him, who loved him, who had him as their best friend, who had him as the father they never had. And not alot of people can say that. Not alot of people, and I know he was there, he loved it he was like *polishes halo*. Cause that was his way. Yea, I know…! Not alot of people can say that, and he did.

And it was very sudden, his departure. And there was no doubt in my mind that he’d just, he’d just been taken home. It was like this *snap*, there was even no explanation. It wasn’t a heart attack, it wasn’t… he was just *snap* dead one morning.

And reading about archangel Michael, the thing that he was bringng to the world was laughter and to not, well, I don’t remember the phrase but it was laughter.

So that’s - I got in a state of actually taking what was on the screen seriously, and then I found Uriel and – again – I don’t rembember what it said. I just remembered ”yes.” Cause I read the others as well, cause I thought the first test was just… something. So I didn’t know, and actually read them all. And I was like ”Hmm. That’s kind of me… And that’s kind of me. Then I read Uriel and I was like ”Aha.! Oh ok, well, that IS me.”And then I didn’t really read the others, I read one more, recognizing that character as one that is, that I’m really used to having next to me, as someone who I lean heavily upon. And then I just skimmed the rest.

And what I did next, was I tried to finish the text that I had been writing about the electricity. And of course, the computer failed. It just shut down, proving a point, cause I was just in the middle of a sentence and it just ”Bzzd” went down. And I, I don’t restart the computer when that happens, when it happens its a sign, I’m not supposed to be here, I’m not supposed to do this, Im supposed to do something else. And it was in the middle of the night and I needed to sleep, so I did a very very brief manifestation, in a new way that I just learnt. A meditation, manifestation, eh… very content doing something else, and not thinking of the archangel thing, because that sort of enden when the computer went down.

And then I lay down with my head on my pillow, and i just sort of snuggled a bit, and I realized that I had … wings…! *hands moving where wings would be*. That I had wings folded, like here, here, here, folded in, just like you can cuddle in them. And it just dawned on me. Just ”hah” Holy - I don’t know what then non curse word to say something is, so I’ll try not to curse, too much, I’m sorry I’m Swedish, we see alot of films were there are cursing.

The realization was that this here is real, I actually am .. Uriel. I’m not gonna go with the title, cause that sounds, I don’t know, it’s weird. I am Uriel. I have that in me, it’s eh.. it’s who I am.


And then I sort of giggled, cause these were like golden wings. Gold- ach, how- Aahh. It’s amazing. It’s amazing, it’s amazing, it’s crazy, it’s amazing. So – this is turning into being a really long story…. This is 17 minutes, the last one was just nine… I’m sorry.

Yeah, and then today, and my body, I’m really used to hiding, I really used to going down putting heads on shirts on, trying to walk and not be observed in the streets, trying not to be seen, trying to be aonymous, hiding. Hiding is the word. I’ve been hiding! Blending in, trying to not stick out.

And while working with spiritual matters, I have tried to work with that, tried to raise my head, remember I am magical, I am a magical being, I’m loved, the Universe wants me here… eh.. I am love, I have love, not least ”I have the right to be here”. And that work has been fun, difficult and I seem to just go back, crunch up a little bit, everytime I don’t conciously think of it, I just *crunches up* .

And today! - while I realized I was doing this a little bit, I was like: ”wait! I’m an angel…!” And I just ”whaah” *opens up* You know? I’m an angel! I’m an angel, I need no excuse, I need no lid, I need no hesitation or modest - well, modesty is a strange word, we’ll talk about that. I need no modesty. I need no… -And most of all I don’t need a lid. I can just take it off, and shine.

And it’s so easy today!
I wonder if it will continue, we’ll see about that, because today is the FIRST DAY. To be continued, that was 20 minutes, maybe I’ll try to cut it in two to make it shorter, I don’t know if that is possible. Well, thank you for filming me, and if anyone watches, thank you for listening, and to myself, thank you for daring to speak your truth. And to my love, I’m expecting you shortly. Alright, bye bye.”


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