Second day: Clip two "Three Messages", part I and part II

Writing this two days later, it already feel like so long ago... Aeons. Good thing I recorded it.

What I am talking about here is mostly my experiences during my very first day:

The first thing I did waking up was taking a shower and while in that shower I started holding a monologue to an audience, and I knew that that's what I had to do. That voice that I used, was entirely new, and the urge to make sure these words got out there was so strong.

So, what would the sceptic me say about such a change? Maybe bipolar? Or just high? ;)

Well, I do not believe I am either. So, I'm going with 'angel', lol.

In these videos I talk about the first three things I started telling 'the world' about - in my shower :)

 * My message: That we are on earth to generate healing for
    the Universe, and we do so by living!
 * Spreading enlightenment: That I will use my light to help
    awaken more people, and nudge the awakened people the
    last leap to enlightenment, because their healing is needed.
 * The Warriors: The need for the Warriors in the fight for

In the first part I also speak of my experience of meeting a man with 'soot' around him - and neutralizing him.

And in the second part, I speak of 'old Uriel's' loyal troops who supposedly have been in hiding here on earth waiting for Uriel to return. The old text are human remnants of a description that is either entirely false, or at least greatly distorted by limited understanding; But still I have a call to warriors out there, and this is I believe my first mention of this.

This video - edited to two parts - was recorded on my second day, September 28, 2017. But I only publish them now, on September 30, after my Fourth Day video. I hope I can put them in chronological order some how, but I've tried to make the titles clear enough.


Transcript Second Day: Second clip

Hi and welcome back to ’I am an angel’, I don’t know there’s something about this commercial, having a title blablabla trying to blog – I’ve been reading pages up and down on how to create a successful vlog and it’s confusing. I don’t want this nessessairily to be successful. But instantly when I figured out that I was an angel – and I cant even, I cant say that with a straight face, it’s just not possible yet. Anyway, I know it, some of you out there know it, about yourselves or about me, or about someone else you know. It’s possible.

But I knew that I was supposed to spread the word. And I believe… Eh.. No! Also, I knew that I was supposed to do it NOW. And I think that part of the good plan about this is that I’m not… I’m still really… human. And still really confused and still just like, this is so weird, that it might be more believable to people who are more like me, more muggle type, who haven’t spent 8 years in silent retreat learning all the different levels of… yeah, I don’t even know the words.

So, I believe that is my target audience, connection back to the ’vlogging’, my target audience – but it would be nice if you watched – is not so much other angels, well yes! Because I’d like the dialogue. Oh, still weird. Or people who continuously have a dialogue, with higher or other dimensions, speres, verses - I read the word verse somewhere – who already have the plan laid out.

Because I think you indimidate me, and again I have this really aversion towards set descriptions of the Universe; all the descriptions that we make are in words or in some kind of 3 dimensional form, which is never enough. It cannot ever be enough. But I give credit to anyone who tries! And actully I am trying myself, because we do need to speak of it, and we actually reall do need to embrace the light. Cliiicheeé!
Ok, sigh – for some other time… I’ll make a list of things I need to discuss; modesty was one, light was one.

Nah, ok, I’m still on Day Two, and things are going so fast, I have these realizations, I have these connections. It’s really really fast working and I think that this very beginning here is so important, and maybe that I can remember how it was, and how little I understood, later. If nothing else, so.

A few things have happened. I met a – let’s say a dark man – yesterday. And I’ve had a conversation with a spiritual person today, it’s my assistant - or my non-ability to live as a human, I have a disability so I have an assistant – which was fantastic and went around quite a lot of things. I also in the last video started talking about the doubts that would nessesarily come, and that that came from some text that I’ve been reading about Uriel. And there were some other things about the texts and the Uriel, that I wanted to talk about, that also connects quite a lot to the dark man and some other associations.

So I will start with saying that on the very first day when I was taking a shower, that was pretty much the very first thing I did when I woke up with this Whoot, what, I’m an angel! Actually, what I said was I’m Uriel. That was the thing, I’m Uriel. Who is an angel. - was that, cause it was really lik a messia – not a messiah! A MESSENGER, I guess that’s where the messiah, It’s not a ’savior’ for me -it’s a messenger.

And I have a message, and that message is that we need to live. Because when we live, we heal. And we heal not only ourselves, and the people around us – we heal the Universe. Well, I actually skipped a part because we heal our world, and it really needs it – but we even heal out. We actually heal other dimensions, and it’s needed. I don’t know why, I guess that was a need to know basis. That’s a need to know, and I didn’t need to know.
And in talking about this was – I contiued talking in the shower – that part of my light can help people who have started awaken to just flip out their wings, or what ever physical, bodily, spiritual image they have for enlightenment. Hopefully. That we will have to try. But also to really shake - I love the word muggles, it’s a derogatery term for people who haven’t awoken, awakened from the humans, but I love it! I think it’s the cutest thing. It’s everyone, I mean I guess some people are born awakened or enlightened but most of us have been muggles for quite some time. So, I love the word.

Maybe someone can make me reconsider and give me another cute nickname that I can call humans that are not on any kind of path yet. And who are completely rejecting anything that is spiritual, you know… I was that person 6 years ago, know all about it.

Anyway, ”haaaaaah!”

- shake the muggles a bit. Just a little bit. And I think I – this whole angel thing can actually do that. ;It can be such a laughing stock, but I am laughing at myself, I’m not taking myself seriously – it’s just what I experience to be. So, maybe get a niche in there, somehow to have people prepare for a day when some experience hits them, and they start doubting. Could, could could there be something?

And then other people around them, can shake or help or support or brighten their day and just eh… Enlightenment can go reall fast, awakenings can go at a fraction of a second, so it’s easy, it can happen, we can do this. I’m so convinced.

That was the second thing I was talking about. First was that I had this message of healing. That living on earth is like a generator of healing. And the second was that I will try and help with spreading enlightenment.


A nd the third thing that I spoke of… was… the fighters, the warriors of different religions and of different convictions, some of them being like this man that I met yesterday, protecting his country, having a very clear energy and being extremely hateful in all the thinking.

And what I said about the warriors, is that it is a really good ability and trait to have, to be someone who fights for other people, someone who protects, someone who is brave, who is willing to risk their lives, who can commit to a loyalty or an idea and then put the ego aside and strive for that… it is such an admirable trait. And all of these people are needed.

It’s just that the fight is not with other people.

It is a fight for enlightenment, it is a fight to have as many souls on this earth aware and awakened and generating healing, so that we don’t lose earth, and so that we don’t cause – I don’t know, cracks in the Universe or – I don’t know what’s going on, but something needs us actually.

So, the funny thing is – I said that in the morning and then, I think it was walking out of the subway or something, I meet this man and I see he has a patch on his arm – I don’t even remember what it was, but it was something, some organization of – I don’t know. It was a patch, I saw it, and I just – I don’t even know what it said – anyway…

And his – I don’t see auras, so I can’t use the word aura, but as he passed me it was like soot in the air. I didn’t see soot around him or anything, I didn’t see purple or yellow, I know people can see auras, I can’t. But there was just … a sensation? No, visualization? I sort of saw it but just not with my eyes. Soot. Small tiny flakes of just coal in the air. And yeah-

So yesterday I was so euphoric, I was walking around with this ”Whahh…!” Youknow, on a high cloud. So I meet him, and I’m surprised by the soot, and I’m like: ”Hah!, let me try this!” And I sort of opened my wings a little bit, and I lifted the lid of my light a little bit – but not all of it, just basically raised a tiny, tiny bit to get a light. And it to- I didn’t even – I barely started and then he was neutralized, there was nothing around him. And he walked on.

And it’s actually happened once before that I did that to someone, when I met this really planned warrior on a path of war with hate and fear, that I did… But that was much closer, much more trying to connect with other people wbo are strong and that together we are strong and that kind of thing – but it works.

And this time – No, last time I felt, they don’t have a chance. We can do this, light is so much stronger.

This time I started giggling, because it is – what’s the word, I… I did that, and I giggled – because it was so easy.

And all of these people, that I’ve actually feared. I’ve actually feared war ALOT, it is no, it is no danger. There is no danger anymore. That is my, that is my conviction. Hopefully I’m right, that would be nice right?

Now, this is gonna be a little dangerous to talk about, but moving on:

What I read about Uriel was that there was this cleansing, there were celestial beings that had made offspring with humans and that was forbidden. So Uriel was sent down with .. I don’t know.. different names of different loyal troops to ’him’, to cleanse. And it was done harshly, without mercy and almost like … bordering on … demonlike? Really, really, really nasty. And then he was stopped because it was too much, and banned from earth and some of his loyal troops remained and – I’m gonna have to stop, pause.


Är den igång? Ja.

Oh it’s so long, it’s already 15minutes! Hah! Ok! So, these legions that have been hiding, waiting for the continuation of this war! And well, yes for their leader to return, and well, huh! Sorry, guys but that would be me. And plans have changed. So it’s a – we have work to do, we really, really do! But it’s not what you think it is. And it’s not what I thought it was, if you have any rememberance of what it was.

And if you do feel like you do have a mission, and you know that it’s a fight I think this is it. *looks away* What was that? *Smiles* I think this is it, I think the fight is this one. I will try and verbalize what it is and what needs to be done as soon as possible. So if anyone is watching and feels like your the one or the ones - hold that thought. Thank you.

Ok. Back to – oooh, I’m thinking like I wanna talk to differen people, but you’re all in the same.. eye…

So, that was that… Then, uh maybe I should just stop here? I had this lovely conversation today with my assistant also and it actually made me really euphoric again, that I helped her. Not at all in the way that I thought, she wasn’t really helped with my you know, being human is awesome, that’s the whole point, we are champions, fighting for the rest of the universe, but it doesn’t matter. We had a really nice conversation, where we actually talked and where I said most of the things. I didn’t say the angel word, but I said everything else – yeah!

In the last part I mentioned that the only way I could make sense of this Uriel thing is if I have been exhiled and then been in training, and then now I’m healed and better and have better understanding and I’ve now been allowed to return. And that is actally extactly what I think has happened; I don’t think I’ve been allowed to be here for a really, really long time. I think that’s where this whole joy thing comes from, it’s just ”Aaahh! It’s so great to be here!!”

And also joy that it’s an easy task that I have, it a simple task, it has very few factors and I *waves around head* dont need to do this – at all! And it makes me really euphoric, and also talking to her and saying these things, of being reincarnated and coming back and changing it just felt really nice, so this is my plan: Unless I’m in here or on the forum where we do speak about these things, i think I will just talk about reincarnations. Most people have heard it, most people have heard stories – they think it’s ludicrous, but – not everyone of course! - but the people that think it’s ludicrous think it’s ludicrous, but they don’t think a person is clinically insane, which some actually would do if I claimed …. yeah.. yeah…

That’s it. See ya.


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