Angel life in human revisited - and telling Mom :)

Good day,

The video today is simply an account of my day, working with human/divine in my everyday - today I felt like I was getting the hang of it a bit more.

I also told my Mom of my 'angelness', which is a big deal.

This connects with the readings I did yesterday - as you might have seen in my posts. In the evening I received my new Oracle cards, my very first set, and quite possibly the only one I'll ever get. In y readings I got the card for 'putting aside your mask, revealing your true self' in (almost?) all of the readings, at least in 3 out of 4, possibly all four.

For me it is definitely part of the mission to find a way to state my truth, without alienating.

That was a good statement. Ok. Did I do that with my Mom? No. I did not take the time to make it believable for her, I started with the 'outs' - I'm crazy, you know how I am, etc. Well, practice makes perfect. And to be honest, I didn't have much patience for the story. I just wanted the facts out, so that I could talk about the stuff surrounding this realization.

So, here is today's video. /  Mi

PS But come to think of it, I had another experience earlier today, where in a group of semifriends we all of a sudden stood talking about spiritual world view as the most self-evident thing, just click-click connecting and laughing at the construct and the human experience. That was a really great thing, and so easy, so casual, so very everyday. All of a sudden it is there, and we didn't even know it :)  / Mi


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