Morning Day Six: To live!, enlightened or not.

This morning I am still feeling very transformed. The feeling of security and direction is just as it was on the first day. The surprise has of course subsided a little, and the first high of euphoria.

But still all I have to do to feel exhilarated is to move in a way, so I can 'rustle my feathers'. Seriously. Oh dear, 'seriously'? I'm talking about rustling the feathers of my invisible angel wings.. I need to invent a new language  I think. 'Seriously', seriously? Lol.

But it's a fact. I feel exhilarated just by moving so that there is clear space behind me and focusing on where I feel my wings and where they attatch, and moving them ever so little. That's a really cheap anti-depressant and really harmless high, even the skeptics must agree ;)

I was thinking of - Ok, no that thought was not to be presented at this time obviously, it disappeared again.

So, I've receive several messages from others who, they too, experience being angels. It is really valuable to me to exchange stories. Since this is the by far weirdest thing that has happened in my life, it helps my human mind quite a bit, hearing accounts that are similar to mine. It's not that I doubt my experience, I mean, it's undeniable to me. But verbalizing it anf bringing it forth, here in my human reality, and having it echoed by others, does help.

And I have to keep reminding myself, not to AVOID being human. I am human, we all are. That's the whole point. We are here to work with that!

Work with being human.

It is a fantastic task we have here, it is fun and simple and actually more like a joyride than anything else; to live! And I guess the exclamation mark is fairly fitting, because physically all humans live. Which is perfectly fine to, that works. But for the real sparks to fly and energy beginning to really boost - we need to 'Live!'. Present, loving, connected, in communion with others, and with ALL our senses. So that we heal ourselves, earth - and the Universe.

I've been thinking about this enlightenment vs living a bit:
Do we need to seek enlightenment first, and then to 'Live!' to generate healing?
Definitely not. The answer is very clear. I feel more enclined to say enlightenment is not at all a priority right now. For us, there is no need to understand the innerworkings of the universe or to reach ascension. It seems that to some extent it's even a distraction; our human minds craving clarity and control. Bad news: We've got none! Good news: We need none, either!

Awakenings are more imortant it seems. (By 'enlightenment' I mean vaguely defined, the state where the Universe is explained, where access to the divine is a steady state that we walk with, where the infinite power is always in your hands. By 'awakenings' I mean that first 'shake' that has you starting to see things differently in the world - the first crack where the divine starts shining in. For some it's gradual, for some its a very memorable point of no return. (If anyone wants to share their awakening here, with me, I'd be so happy!)

But awakenings affect the quality of living like a quantum leap. There are people who live! with great presence and much healing - without being either awakened or enlightened, conciously. In contrast to what has been claimed in 'confession' religions where you have to state out loud or at least to God, that you believe to f.ex. get to heaven, there is actually no such need. If we live! in an awakened way, it doesn't matter at all what we humanly believe in: be it science or satan or ascended masters.

It is the quality of living that determines the healing we generate. All is well, there is no separation. And mind and understanding, play the smallest imaginable part in our task here.


Enough preaching for now. Hopefully, I will find a balance between telling my personal story and sharing the mission, please bare with me if I slant to the one or the other side :)

So, I thought to wrap up I'd share my awakening story:

I was at a party, some 6 years back. The crowd was wonderfully mixed. Punks and hippies and intellectuals and bums, ages 17 to 70. And suddenly I saw someone 'shining' in the packed main room. And then another one and another one. They was as clear as day. Their colors were brighter, their outline clearer, they stood out. There were several of them, maybe 10. When I realized they new eachother, I went up to one of them and said: "I can see you! What are you?!" and he replied: "Welcome home."

If they had been a sect, I would have joined. But after this, the people and the group eluded me, eventhough I tried to reach out. It was not a fixed group, but rather a gathering of people who had met many times at meets and festivals. 'Chance' never brought me closer than that first night. But that was also more than enough; it turned my world up side down, for sure!

Have a wonderful day! / Mi

BELOW is the video for Day 6, my first scripted one. That went... haha. In the video I among other things ask for your angel stories and your awakening stories, so please please share in comments here or there or via email:

I will post the script, not a transcript, after the video, to keep my screen time at a minimum.  Love and light - and life! / Mi

"Script Day 6 Angel Stories:
Hi and welcome to the sixth day of IamAnAngel

My name is Mi. I am a 44 yo mother of two living in Sweden. And I have been dabbling rather sceptically with spirituality for about six years. And five days ago - in the middle of the night - I awoke from semi-sleep – and I could feel my wings!

And so I went from non-believer to angel overnight.

And I’ve been thinking, what would another person do? Would they be scared, or ashamed, hide or shout it from the roof tops? Would they try and find an ’angel group’ on Facebook? Or go to church and ask a priest?

Or maybe walk straight to the psycheward?

Since, I now know that there are quite a lot of us out there, having the experience of being an angel, I really hope I will get to share some of theses stories. If you want to please write me, or comment below. I can be reached at – addess is in the infornation.

For me, this revelation was rather sudden. Only hours before, I had written a message to a person excusing myself for not believing in angels, which then actually led to me doing some research and by chance or divine guidance finding information that opened me up to this revelation.

And the change has incredible. Just the fact that I’m talking here is evidence enough. Since for ever I have been camera shy, I’ve even worked on it because at one point I wanted to be an actor and then a reporter, but I just couldn’t. And now, I don’t mind what I look like, or what errors I make in grammar or timing; it is the message that is important, not my human appearance. Seriously, what’s an incomplete sentence in light of infinite power and infinite light, right?

And now I’m reminded, what if someone stumbles on this video who does not believe in

The message, yes."  


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