Here again

So, it's been a quite few days since I last posted or made a video. I've been in a rather vulnerable place. 

I find it interesting that the topic of 'evil' - and others' opinions about it - would impact me so much. Normally, that would not be the case. Part of this transition and finding my feet in my new state is clearly to be very sensitive :)

I have not spent time brooding or contemplating, rather the opposite. I have stayed clear of logic and explanations and just, I guess, 'absorbed' the emotions I've met in others, in me and in the meeting of others' fears . Emotions that are both cause and consequence of  this 'construction of fear', that others call evil. My emotional respons to realizing the depth of the consequences of peoples 'faith' (fear) in this construct has been massive;

Disbelief. It's not possible. They cannot believe this? 
Others' pain; so much fear everywhere, continents built on it, feeling it. 
Disillusion; it is too much, it is not possible to heal all this. 
Disappointment; is this the only world view in which the word 'angel' is applied? One of old testament, heaven and hell? It is no use then, a dead end. 
Disorientation; what am I supposed to do with/about this? knowing it is not my path to take on that task, but still kind of 'blocked' by the boulder of it, that just rolled down smack in my way, just as I was starting to walk... 

I used to, before my birthday, believe that enlightenment could save us. If only enough people were awake, we would be all right -- but it seemed like an impossible task to awaken enough of humanity. After my birthday, I realized just how this would happen - and that it is actually quite doable, easy even. It can really happen in a very short time, minutes seconds. An awakening experience is just a 'wing-flap' away, so to speak, and that is all it takes. 

But then Boulder Belief in Evil rumbled down and stopped at my feet :) 

And I guess the realization that a HUGE part of the already awakened population, people of various faiths, live with this motor of fear that the concept of 'evil' is, well it just knocked the air out of me;

It is not as simple at to only to ignite awakening... For healing to really flow, there cannot be any 'backflow' to this human construct; it sits as a black hole sucking in healing and light from the people that engage it... It is not dangerous. It is terribly inefficient! It's like filling a bathtub with no plug in. It will work eventually, but so incredibly wasteful and unnecessary. 

That was the core of it, I believe. 

I'd be very interested in hearing your opinions and experiences, or your reactions to my text / video. Comments are now open without registration, we'll see if that can work out. Take care, spread the light, trust in All - watch the shadows dissolve and your own clear self stand tall and reaching :) 

PS A couple of hours later now, and I just 'drew an oracle card' online - as I sometimes do, by searching for terms like 'card of the day' or such. Today, for the first time in years I searched for Dragonfae cards. The first link I saw, had both Divine Gudiance and the word The Sovereign so I skipped it, I don't like readings that serve to enflate ego, but the second link was broken, and I decided to recognize that it was actually the rather pompous link that first caught my eye. Below is the reading. I just want to highlight these words: "It is not our desire to possess power, but to radiate it out in ever increasing waves, sending these seedlings of empowerment into the world"    One just has to admit that that is spot on for me these days :)



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