Talk of 'Evil'

So, there's a word for ya. Like Voldemort. Don't say it!

I get it. If one believes there is a light force and a dark entity with it's own power, of course one would not want to draw that in.

But I don't believe, and so I cannot draw anything in. 'Evil' is not an entity, it is not it's own thing. It has no power but what we give it by what we perceive it to be, almost exactly as the boggarts are described by JK Rowling. I've been tried by several unpleasant presences, both before I knew what to do, and after - and one was actually the reason I figured out what to do with them.

And that's why I know.

So, without further ado here is my how-to-get-rid-of-uncomfortable-spirits:

1. Center yourself; Deep breaths. Pull focus in to the here and now.
2. Find a spot inside; I use the heart, but you can adjust according to your own practice. As the tiniest dot, find love - for someone is usually the easiest way. I use my love for my children - and focus on it as a shining golden spot. '
3. Feel it grow and expand; into a ball, tennis ball, and then a football, then expanding to hold your torso  head and all in golden light of love, then your whole body and a sphere around you, top to toe.

If focus fails a little here and there, no worries, go back to a size of the ball that you can feel, and have it expand again. And don't be perfectionistic either, it's good enough, If there just is a sphere, flickering or not - it's fine! You really only need to claim your space.

4 State your truth; Example; "This is my home, it is mine to live in and be safe in." With love, self-love in this case.  Or "This is my house, anyone who is friendly and wants to help, can be here"
State 'positives': What IS ...  So not f.ex. "Evil forces are NOT allowed"

5 Keep expanding and repeating your truth. Perhaps you want just the room to start with, next time the first floor, and then the whole house or street.

6. Stay in it for a little while; when the size is right clear your head entirely from anything but the love and the sphere and your safety in it.

7. Finished. Nod and say thanks, to what ever you believe in. You do not have to 'lock the sphere in place' or do anything to keep it there. The job is done, you can rest easily.

- - - -

I've done this now so many times over the years, that I dont need to make a big deal out of it; I just sort of wave the uncomfort away, like you would with flies. Only they don't come back like flies do. If you say you don't want them there, they go. But  I guess the trick is you are not to fear them, but rather just state that you want the space for yourself.

And for those of you who've seen my video I believe it was First Day: second clip (part 1 or 2, not sure), trying it out as an angel was even crazier. What I met on that day was new to me, it was a human who had attracted massive negative energy (soot in his energy field). And I guess for a flicker of a second I was afraid, I didnt know what it was, and it was deeply uncomfortable.

That time, I just lifted my - hahaha omg the words I find myself using :D - 'light cap' ever so little, I said nothing I just let the light out, and his field was cleared, he was neutralized and it was done in a fraction of a second.

There is nothing that is a match for light. It is infinite in power and reach. There is nothing to fear.

So, go dive into the astral plane - if you see ugly faces, as I did, allow them to pass on by, they too are people, they cant help their looks :) They will do nothing to you, you are heading somewhere else, somewhere you've already decided to go.

I  know I'm a rookie in a lot of ways; I don't know the words, I don't practice like others, I have no 'name'. But what I do works.

So. That's my take on 'evil', an annoying little brother at the most, trying to hold up a mirror to you face at night.


PS I realize, I'm a tiny bit stepped on my pride writing this, and I acknowledge that I too am a flawed human. But I've just had a bunch of doors closed in my face today and much was regarding this term 'evil'. So, I really needed to set the record straight for my human self at least. Love and Light - and Life! / Mi

PPS. Oh and of course, the reason my ego felt stepped on, was that my interest in this 'evil' thing was that I worry about people who do believe in evil, since they will attract more negativity and fare less well, even be really challenged. It really upset me to find many people really believe in this, and trying to sort that out - for the sake of others - I got sort of 'door slammed' and that's when ego popped it's curly head in 'peek-a-boo!' :D Anyway, she'll be fast a sleep again in a moment... / Mi


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