(Dragonfae readings Oct 24) 1. Pandora

So, I received my first oracle cards this evening. I've loved the Dragonfae oracle cards since I first saw one. The only reason I've ever had a faint interest in oracle/angel cards are these beautiful and powerful cards that speak directly to me a such a profound way. So here they are in my hands, and I've promised three readings. 

This is the reading of past/now/future that I made for Pandora:

Past/root: Lady of the New Buds - nurture tenderness. 
Now/action: Dragonfae of Rebirth
Future/outcome: Chumara - Web of all of life

Here is my interpretation and further below you will find the cards with full text:

PAST / root: Lady of the New Buds - nurture tenderness. The Lady of the New Buds speaks of tending the new; seeds, ideas, children. Keeping them cared for, protected so that they can grow strong. She reminds you to accept that not all will know the work you've put in, to yield such a bountyful garden, but also to appreciate your own effort and to accept praise when you get. This is where you have been. The dragonfae wants to remind you that growth is change - and that stagnation is death. It is time to allow what you have tended to, to show itself viable. 

NOW/action: Dragonfae of Rebirth - Whole again. This is the card of accepting and learning from the dark shadows, feelings of hopelessness and disconnect, even desires to harm oneself. The Dragonfae want you to trust in also in the darkness, for there is the wisdom of knowledge you have yet to learn. The old you, fractions in your soul, is ready to 'die' metaphorically, and change into a new you - a whole you where light and dark are equally valued and balanced. 

These Dragonfae are of spiritual ancestry and of bloodline ancestry; exploring both at this time can be important. Are there family relations you need to "make contact and some kind of peace with"? Reconnect with aspects of yourself that you have disowned. Drum circles and shamanic rituals can help with exporing the spiritual ancestry. 

This is a very strong card for allowing profound change. Not in an easy, way but by integrating all of your aspects and valuing the dark and uncomfortable feelings fully. 

FUTURE/ outcome: Chumara - Web of all life. Chumara speaks of the masks that we all wear, and what lies beyond - your self. She says that it is time to let your face show, keep your protections, your shield for another time, when you might need her, but let her be just that - protection - not your identity. 

So, the time will come when your new self gradually more can be shown to your surroundings, first in safe environments and gradually stay your true self more and more. She speaks of new family, and meaningful connections.

Chumara weaves a web across dimensions and I get the sense that you will have great access to communication across and beyond this dimension. 

She wants us to consider not only Gaia as our home but the Universe, and to look beyond our short term economic thinking when caring for Earth and the Universe. 


Lady of the New Buds
Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish: Lady of the New Buds
Lady of the New Buds: “Nurture tenderness.”
The Lady of the New Buds speaks: “See how my garden has grown about me? See how my children, the darling buds, clamor for my attention? They cry at night and can be so touchy during the day I must shelter them from harshness and keep them in a safe place, til they are strong enough to branch out… even then, my watchful eye will look out for their care.
You see, so may people see the beauty, and do not understand where it sprang from; the rich loamy soil. The sweet water poured from the Water-Dragonfae into this earth, the minerals of the natural realms, the light of the Sun and the shining sweetness of the crystal moon have all anointed my garden with their blessings”.
And then there is me. So many see my garden, and wonder at it, but they do not see the work and the care that has preceded my domain. Its beauty is a result of love, care, natural growth and attention to each and every one of its inhabitants. When your growth and attention to each and every one of its inhabitants. When your growth appears around you, from the seeds you have planted, take time to tend this garden. Enlist the assistance of like-minded souls, and just as you would not feed these tender buds poisons and pollutants, do not feed your ideas the opinions and energies of those who are not in integrity. Stay true to the vision of your creation and truly take a little tie each day to tend this garden, be it of love, ideas, little ones or creative endeavors, until they are robust and begin to grow into their own energy. For now, it is the tender time, the time when the buds are at most risk from the frost of rejection, the poison of judgement, and the choke of cruelty. Be vigilant, and you too will have a garden for all to enjoy and love. Many will feel you are fortunate indeed to have created such a beautiful Eden, but they will not see the care you have taken to grow this. But I have seen. I have seen it all”.
Divinatory Meanings: “An affinity with flowers and gardens. Projects need tending. Care every day for small matters, and the large will care for themselves. Resisting change is resisting the life force itself. Look at everything in nature. The seed does not remain a seed. The seedling grows. The tree seems unrelated to its origins, but at the moment, by holding on tight to the person you believe you must be, you are running the risk of denying your own life force. Change is positive. Stasis, as a resting point, can work well. As a life choice, it can be a kind of slow death”.
The emergence will come at the right time, because the bud will be forced to flower at some stage – do not allow yourself to wither in the bud. Divine guidance needs practical application and work. Action teamed with inspiration will create a beautiful, bountiful paradise. Work hard at what it is you love."


Dragonfae Of Rebirth
Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish: Dragonfae Of Rebirth
Dragonfae Of Rebirth : “Whole again.”
The Dragonfae Of Rebirth Speak: “We are the ones who have seen you in those moments you humans describe as dark – the ones you so often wish to run and hide from, the ones you fear because you misunderstand their purpose, the ones you shun. Your loathing of your shadow has sometimes driven you to seek an ending. But a literal ending is not necessary. In every culture on this planet, old and new, there has been a ritual that lets you die to your old self, one in which the wise man or woman is guided through a journey to their own underworld. We too know of this underworld, as we dwell there from time to time, and here we are now, in this underworld, waiting for you to descend in order to be reborn. Fear not you “dark” moments. For in the dark are the shadows, easeful rest and deep knowledge of the heart and the soul. In this place the seeds you need to plant can flourish and what you feel are dark and “bad” thoughts are in fact manifestations of the desire to die to the self that no longer feels its true self to be captured in its outside form. You are remaking your own soul-self, and in this magic and ritual endarkenment lie the seeds of your reawakening and your own rebirth. We are with you, circling you and clearing and cleansing your energy. We will enfold you with our energy. There is no beginning and no end, just the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Now, it feels like death… but it is a death to the old self… not a literal death. Do not fear. You are about to be reborn. Take heart and know that soon you will feel whole again.”
Divinatory Meanings: “The Dragonfae of rebirth are working with you to heal a soul fracture for fissure that has developed through your Self being separate to your true self. Your inner knowledge is not being expressed externally. Healing circles, drum circles, shamanic practice ans working to heal the karmic impact of your bloodline and spiritual line will benefit when this beautiful card reveals its energies to you. Working with others in groups or workshop environments will be of great benefit, as will journeying and going deep within. Connect, and through connection, you will heal. Make contact and some kind of peace with family and your own past. Re-integrate aspects of yourself that you have disowned, and always know that we walk in shadows and light… acknowledging only one aspect of life is never whole, nor healthy. Be balanced and be free.
Family lineage, ancestral traditions, learning some aspects of your cultural history and expanding your vision of what you consider to be your “family”. Creating soul family in the present time who can assist on your journeying. Get to know your ancestry and understand that there is always more to know than can be revealed; yet there is also more to know and to derive wisdom from that you have yet explored. Do not be afraid of being whole. Dying to this old self will allow rebirth.”

– Web of All Life

“Beyond the mask we all wear of identity, beyond the construct of who we have been conditioned to believe we are, lies your face, your self. This face is tender and new in so many ways, as you have not shown her to the world before. This face has been protected because the world has seemed and proved indeed at times to be dangerous and unkind place, where those of us who feel different are proved to be so as we brave the taunts and finger pointing. But i now tell you that your protections, your armor and your shield can be removed safely with me. Do not discard her, as you may need her yet in certain situations.”
“But know now she is your armor and her role is to protect your true being. To you, I now reveal myself. See? Many have recoiled in horror at who I truly am. I am a Dragonfae Maiden, a Spider-Woman, a being of webs and change and destruction, and re-creation. Each day I must remake my world…I feel along its sensory threads to see what needs reconstruction and what needs to be let go of. For I am, as you are, part of the new web of life – a web of life that embraces our differences and yet understands that we are one. I ask you today to look at the webs in your life that must be remade and rewoven.”

About Chumara: “Chumara is a Dragonfae Goddess from this world and beyond who presents as a spider, as she is a powerful weaver of energies, dimensions, and time. She is healing the rifts in dimensions and time and we can assist her by understanding who we truly are and by working on our own individual weavings with consciousness and peaceful power. She holds together the strands of all four directions and creates ripple effects along them so we can communicate with worlds beyond this one known as Gaia.”
“Chumara is the creation energy which brings together nations and tribes, peoples and families, from this world and beyond, from other dimensions and times. Thus she is our mother of time and is often present when we have past life memories and experiences, when we receive premonitions about our future, as she weaves together the strands that hold past, present, and future in place. she knows they are all linked and that a ripple in one can be felt, no matter how far apart we seem, because we are all linked by the web of life.”
“She communicates via energy and sound, and thus you may hear a high-pitched ringing in your ears when she connects with you, as this is the vibration of the galactic web. Her role is to assist us in moving beyond our notions of economic short-term thinking, and moving into galactic environmentalism…not simply for Gaia, but for all with which she is connected. She wants us to see the Universe as our home too. She wishes for us all to remove the mask that says “I am this,” and to know we are that, but we are also so much more.”

Divinatory meaning: “Coming out about beliefs, revealing more of your true and vulnerable self to family; beginning to work in groups; understanding cosmic consciousness; finding a new family, understanding connections; making meaningful relationships that have far-reaching impact; learning more about people’s true selves. Revelations about cultural heritage and family and personal histories may be forthcoming when Chumara makes an appearance in your life. she also represents strides being made on a global and cosmic level on peace, communication technologies and understanding sixth sensory experiences, dream experiences, astral travel and time travel.”

Working with Chumara: “Gently revealing who you are in safe environments; exploring more about galactic consciousness; understanding your own personal and cultural history; bloodline vibrations and exploring your ancestry; being honest in situations where previously you may have kept silent; refusing to engage in falsehood for false peace; being who you are; becoming more sensitive to vibrational communication and higher vibrational living; creating a new family based on values and beliefs that are sacred to you; being in integrity with your beliefs; understanding your true self is beautiful, powerful and loving; activating the web in your life, working with the powers of the four directions, being open to the concept of communicating with beings from beyond our solar system.”


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