The War of Faith

Are you aware of the state of the Earth?

Are you aware of the numbers behind climate change? I could find some for you and post them here. The problem is I've studied it at length looking for a solution, looking for an alternative way, and I came out empty. I came out grieving. Nothing can stop where we are headed. We are headed towards extinction of the entire biosphere of Earth.

Did you know?

If you didn't know, then you probably don't believe me now either. Why would the politicians then not do something if it was that serious?

See, that is the question that is now mostly on the table among environmental research. They have paired up with economists, psychologists and a long row of other sciences to figure out not only what to do, but mainly how to get people and politicians to take action. Because we are so stubbornly reluctant to realize out ship has sailed into an iceberg and is sinking - only because the time line is half a generation.

You don't believe me? Write me a comment and I'll find you the data. Until then I will just assume that anyone reading and following me here are aware of the facts and that we are aligned on the severity of the situation.

This distress was what broke me. Not the direction we are headed, but the impossibility to get people to take action - and enough action - in time. Trying to stop a steam train with my bare hands. My brain litterally broke. Well, ok not literally, there are no bones to break. But the tissue was damaged from the stress of it, on top of a life time of chronic stress due to ADHD/AS and the life chaos that those neurological conditions leave in their wake.

My brain was traumatized by stress, to such a degree that I for a large part of the first year could not read a full sentence if it had more than five-six words in it. I just couldn't remember the start of if. It made no sense to me the words. I was severely handicapped, but I consider it a great gift that was given me.

Because of my weak state, I was sent spiralling into a destructive relationship, without safety lines. When I crashed I hit my rockbottom and found my rescue in a program that helps relationship addicts. In hind sight it was easy to see that all my relationships; family, friends and romantic relationships had been part of a pattern of addiction. I will tell more about that some other time. But what this rockbottom gave me and the recovery from my addiction was - spirituality.

My first awakening had happened a year or two before, but recovery work for those of you who are not familiar, is primarily a spiritual path. Any one who has keept any kind of sobriety working with a 12 step program will have begun their spriritual journey. And there are so many of us out there, it is a great comfort to think of it!

And so while working on my spirituality and my sobriety and losing my luggage and learning not to bring on more; it dawned on me. "God" (as in Higher Power, Divinity, Higher Self, The Universe, Life, All, Existance etc etc) "God can change anything!"

God works magic, you know. And if you don't know, I hope I can teach you how. If we set out on a path trusting we will get there, and just take the steps, do the work, put in the effort and faith - then God creates a short cut.

What was not possible when we set out, is suddenly a reality. I wanted to make a dance performance, I had no way of learning how to dance or choreograph or get money for a production. Within three weeks from begining to take steps towards this dream of mine, I had the stage, the choreograph and the money. As Mike Dooley says: "Leave the 'how's to the Universe!"     (He says something like that anyway.

This realization gave me my hope back; If God can magically make gardens appear and dance stages and money on checks in the mail box  - then God can save earth.

But for such a huge 'side door' to appear, it seems we need to be an army of 'manifesters', and army of believers, that put our faith in the outcome and just keep on taking the next steps towards a solution.

This is the War of Faith.

Do you think there is a more important war? Maybe the war of civilizations, class war, war on poverty, war on the western world, war on western imperialism ......? There are many, no doubt. But in 50 years life as we know it will be gone forever. Oh, I will have to get those numbers for you, I can tell.

Now, I will have to end. But this is what I wrote on The War of Faith in my last entry, and I will end with it again, until I can develop it further.

War: I am a warrior. As a human I avoid spilling my energy in any type of combat, but the War of Faith as I believe I will call it, is already on. All [actions I can take] would be actions I'd take in the grander scheme of things:
A war for Earth's survival via spiritual healing, where every single person is needed to generate enough Faith and enough Healing to change the course of development for Earth. "Faith" is not one specific faith. Faith can be god-less, no doubt. Faith just need to look up over the heads of mankind and know that there is more, and that if we engage this 'more' for healing - healing will come. To get enough people connected to this mission is the War of Faith. It is a war because it is so urgent, because it is a matter of life and death and because everyone engaged needs to fight it with the intencity of war, as if there was a physical opponent. (Actually, maybe there is, at least there is a huge deluge of sleeping people to work our way through, and shake and stir and tickle and touch).


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