My path and human stumbling blocks on it :)

Hi all,

I have to just say, thank you all for reading, and watching. It is really comforting to know that there are others out there. Please, keep writing, as you know it doesn't have to be much, just a hi or a thanks means so much. And if any of you have your own sites or blogs or other venues where you need support, please let me know.

So, here's the practical lay of the land. After a really long period off the work force I am now ready to go into work training, and I need to find a place to do this. I am a humble person, and a maybe not quite so humble angel, but I will not put effort into padding this: I have a lot of talents. And quite a few of them could turn into something where I could earn an income. (Even without magic, lol).

This is what I have used my creativ and logic brain for in the last couple of days; coming up with different directions, trying them on for size. I've had to change my schedule a bit to make room for this process and that always throws me off quite a bit; my human body is clearly becoming more and more 'inflexible'. My best work is done when everything stays the same :)

(Is that an angel thing? That time is so incredibly difficult for me? And this thing that I try to get things to happen and when they don't I just don't understand what happened, I'm taken completely aback by it. Like, 'what does magic not work?!', or something, lol. The short of it all is that I am really terribly untalented at being a human, where all practical matters are concerned. Except that I'm an ok speller and type quite fast :))

But when schedules change, everyday goes messy for me; bills that are forgotten, times that are lost, appointments that are double booked, overscheduled days, children that need time I dont have, and me - tired, tired, tired.

This is a phase, it settles after a while, I know this now after learning to deal with my limitations for several years. What suprised me a bit, was I guess, that 'being an angel' didn't insulate me better. I guess I expected the light and the infinite power to guide me a bit more.

Yes, that's it. I thought it would be easier from my 'birthday' on to find the right path, where I don't lose myself in the challenges of everyday life.

Well, lesson learned, I really still need to pay attention to my human body and it's boundaries and also make sure there is time and space for the angel to reach out. (Oh no, another dog to walk....! Sorry, that was just too funny. I so didn't mean it, but for a fraction of a second my human weary self felt a little overwhelmed by all these people - including animals - that need me, inorder to be free.)

Here are some of the work that I could do and to some extent already do:

- Gardening: For me. For others. For inspiration and awakening to the Global needs, that are imminent. For the healing of souls by contact with nature.
- Green work; Political, informational, statistical, innovative, implementation. I have the education and the brain. But it is heavy, to succeed we need to defy physics and reach beyond. For me to keep that in focus, I might not be able to stay too close to the facts. There is a term for it I believe; climate grief.
- Stage work; art, dance, poetry, scenography, expressing the divine through the visual, audial, temporal.
- Recovery work; work with addiction esp around relationships, how to apply it to life, and spirituality.
- ADHD/AS: Information, improvement, understanding. Innovative solutions for entrepreneurship. Working with acceptance and weaknessess/strengths. This is a group of people where spiritually advanced are highly overrepresented.
- Plain old administration. I can do a lot. And I'm technical.
- Tech stuff - I can fix mobile phones, I'm sure I can learn most mechanical things. I also do some programming, and learn languages fast.
- Animals; I talk to animals. Not sure how I could earn from that, but they flock around me. Maybe it's useful. I believe it's mostly because I work as a - what's the word - conductor for divine light for them.

- Healing: This is the new one. How? Can I heal you? Can I put my hands on someone and make them better? I know I can teach us all how to heal in a general sense. Can that be put to use in a more hands on way? Do I even want that, individual healing? Can I find a way to transmit that kind of healing where it is part of an income bringing concept?

I thought I'd write a text on some of the spiritual matters I've engaged in over the last few weeks, but I guess reaching out this way and asking for guidance from the divine here, is what it amounted to. All is spiritual and part of the war. Oh of course:

- The War: I am a warrior. As a human I avoid spilling my energy in any type of combat, but the War of Faith as I believe I will call it, is already on. All of the paths above, would be actions I'd take in the grander scheme of things:
A war for Earth's survival via spiritual healing, where every single person is needed to generate enough Faith and enough Healing to change the course of development for Earth. "Faith" is not one specific faith. Faith can be god-less, no doubt. Faith just need to look up over the heads of mankind and know that there is more, and that if we engage this 'more' for healing - healing will come. To get enough people connected to this mission is the War of Faith. It is a war because it is so urgent, because it is a matter of life and death and because everyone engaged needs to fight it with the intencity of war, as if there was a physical opponent. (Actually, maybe there is, at least there is a huge deluge of sleeping people to work our way through, and shake and stir and tickle and touch).

Yeah, so how do I put that on my CV?


Anyway, here's what I said, before I wrote all of the above. Probably a bit redunant now, but hey, maybe you miss my face :)


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