My One Week Birthday!

Good Morning!

Today, I was firmly convinced was my 7th day as an angel. Turns out, I had forgotten quite a few days, which really is not uncommon, and I believe many of you also experience how time jumps and skips and... well, helps on the general sence of not being firmly attatched to this place:)

But celebrate I will. Happy Birthday to me! Thank you, thank you! (You too can hear the cheering, right? ;))

In my video I ask you to share a cinnamon roll with me today, and see if you get something in return. I have a sense that you will.

I also talk a little about connections being made right now, ask you all to stay open to the people around you.

And then, my actual message is an idea of how we could greet eachother out and about, and I talk about that.

I will have another busy day today, and there is no way all the new things I experience can fit here in any form. And I wish they could; yesterday for example, I went to a group that I've attended for a year. I usually speak to some people, but not too much. There are so many, and energies are very uneven, so I keep a rather low profile. But yesterday, I greeted someone, who I have not spoken to for maybe six moths. I called out a greeting with a clear voice - I'm the nodding type of greeter if I don't really know a person well, and instantly the relationship was transformed! This person came to sit next to me, without sightest hesitation. There was a great calmness between us, I would even say, kinderedness. Very straight communication. It was really like we were two entirely different people.

And to an extent I am, maybe they hadn't changed at all, I just have not been able to 'hear' them before.

Those kind of things. ALL THE TIME!!! Life! on earth is awesome!

Oh, did I write about Live! (live with an exclamation mark?) Maybe I did... Well, the exclamation mark in Live!  and Life! and Living! is to emphasize the experience; presence, using our full senses, staying in our humanitiy, appreciating the physical, with all its ups and downs and sticks and stones. Because it generates healing, which is the entire purpose of us being here!

So, now you know, if you didn't already ;)

There will be no transcript of this video, it gave me too much screen time to type those out, and my script is in handwriting - and so illegeable to you :) I wanted the transcripts so that a person could skim through the text - because the clips were so long, but I will try and keep them shorter.

:D I will try  - again! - tomorrow (or when the next video comes).

Have an absolutely wonderful day, hope you can get to waken some people that pass you in the day -
and maybe have a cinnamon roll? (Or something with cinnamon, really not important )

With Wishes of Love and Light - and Life! to you all! / Mi


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