Angel Fatigue - and A Leading Heart

Friends, I got the blues yesterday.

It wasn't fun, but it was important. I learned something new. If you have ever felt really tired of humans and their (our) way, you might recognize what I'm talking about in this video. Yesterday, I just got tired of it all, the whole human mess.

It also had to do with a new ability I disovered; since my last clearing it seems my empathy has reached yet another level, so that I now re-create - in my own life - what I have been empathizing with in another's.

Not fun, let me tell you... That will get you sick and tired of humans in a few hours...! And also it gave me a sense of hopelessness, if I can't even empathize, what is the point!

Bare with me, it's not as bad as it sounds, there is a silver lining. I found Jamye Price and her interesting video for March, so after you watch my video, go check her video out.

And friends, I am sorry for overstepping, I am sorry for getting the blues and blaming it on you, and I am very sorry for feeling annoyed with all of human kind, when your problems showed up in my own life 'bio-carbon-copy'... I had NO idea what was going on, did the best I could, I love you ALL!!


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