DAY 7: Thoughts Become Things & Bedtime Routine

So, firstly I want to say that since I've been (we've been) doing this for a week now, I decided yesterday to incorporate FlyLady's tasks for the day.

She has certain tasks that are done once a week; Monday is Weekly Homeblessing Hour. 7 tasks, each for 10 minutes = 60 minutes. (Because they don't actually take 10 min each, and the trick is to learn to do it quickly, easily and to STOP when the timer rings!)

Today is Tuesday so that is Plan & Play day; which means looking at the week ahead for times, purchases, preparations, meals planning, packing whatever else might need to be plottet into a weekly plan. And once that is done; Play. Some time for just ourselves. Taking a hot bath is my go to self-indulgence, sometimes I take half an hour with a coffe and a good book in my balcony or in the garden. Me-time.

So, add that if you want, but remember the only thing you are actually supposed to do for now is your daily Babystep - and 15 min of decluttering. This week we're decluttering the Livingroom and/or entrance.

Babystep for today is Before Bedtime Routine: So. These Babysteps will eventually become rather organized, and one of the sections they fall under is the Before Bedtime Routine. Today, we are beginning the very first one: Picking out clothes for tomorrow and putting them out, ready to go.

Easy. But do it anyway.


So, for a reminder, we are also to try and do the other babysteps each day, and as the list grows longer this will become more difficult. i don't remember them all, some fall out, some - like the emails, i use for a period of time and then i find it redundant. but try and write down the daily tasks on a note and read it over a couple of times a day. the more times i do the flylady babysteps the more of these routines have actually stuck, and let me tell you when I'm 'FLYing' - when they are all in place - it is rocketfuel for the spiritual power within... !

Over to Mike Dooley, now. For Infinite Possibilities today, the task is to be mindful of our thoughts.

"Thought become things" - so we need to pay attention to what we are thinking. What are we pulling into our lives? Annoyed - getting more annoyance then. Feeling poor - more poverty for you then. 😂 It's not only funny. I can discuss this at length, send me a message and we can philosophize about it. But in the very short version - which also works by the way, we do not need to do this perfectly in any way - Mike Dooley, just asks us to play detective:

To go on a search for those insticive thoughts and words that pop in to our heads - much like FlyLady has us already looking for negative statements about ourselves and transforming them into posititve statements - MD asks us to do the same for thought also about the state of the world, people around us, items and resources f.ex.

The idea is to imagine how you would think if you were now living your dream life. 

It is so much fun, and makes the day brighter - just step on out and try it! 


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