DAY 2: Clearing has already begun

Hi, today is only day 2, but for me at least the effect has already been stunning. When I take steps in the right direction, however small, the Universe just clears my path. There is so much more energy, so many ideas, so much love, so many possibilities.

Today on Day 2, for FlyLady we get up.

What? Yes. We get up, out of the bed/couch/hammock - and we get dressed as if going to work. (If you are going to work, you're all set ;)) But for us self-employed, unemployed, stay-at-homes, luxury lazy or sick folks, this step is a reminder to start our day. Get up, clean ourselves up, wash our face, put on clean clothes - and shoes.

The 'lace-up shoes' are funny. Why? I don't know why they have to be lace-up, but for now, just know that it works. It can be other shoes than the ones you use out doors. Put on a pair of sneakers - but lace them up. Tighten them, make them fit. Trust me on this, there's magic there... :)

Ok, done. And then tonight before bedtime, again shine your sink. If you cant do the dishes, put them in a box in a cubboard for tomorrow, and then shine the sink. Did you see how pretty it was this morning, eh? Magic.

And for the Universe; Watch video for Day 2 <<

The task is to come up with a theme for the year; A statement of some kind that will remind you of what you want, that can inspire you, get your spirits up. This year, I use my achronym UV-orkid, and add "Shine! your mysterious magic and light".

Earlier years I've had "Grow, give, receive - and laugh" and "Come Play!, Wild Moon Child" for example. Anything goes, good luck.

Stopping there for now. Have a good day!


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