DAY 4: Visions and Journals, royally.

Today, I've decided to do a video on the project. If you have done the first three days, you might like to hear where I am in the process, but it is not necessary, below are today's tasks and a few tips that I've learnt before and am already using again...

For me the two tasks today are both 'beginning to physically put my intentions out there'. Both tasks are hands on, messages to ourselves - which is nice, it puts reminders to ourselves in our homes of what we want and where we are going ;)

Before I go into today's tasks, I wanted to tell you that I have missed my 'shink shining' two nights in a row, actually.

This is important to tell you, because of how I've learnt to handle that. My instinct says 'I failed' - when that happens. I feel like I have to start over from Day1 again. But FlyLady is very clear on this; we are not behind, we just jump right in.

This means that if I couldn't manage to shine my sink last night, I can just try again this evening.

That is the default - not to 'catch up' and do double chores in one day, but to simply leave it for next time. This was new to me when I started FlyLady and I still have to practice it. It will get done - even if I don't do it this time.

For me, here in the beginning - the shining sink is an important motivator, a true divine diamond in my kitchen, so I want to shine it in the morning. The first morning, I only had two pieces of dishes so I did those at once, and then did the sink. But this morning, there was four pots, several plates and bowls and a bunch of glasses and cutlery...

I then used one of FlyLady's other tricks:
A plastic box in a cupboard to but dishes in, that we don't have time to take care of right away.

I didn't have space in my cupboard - so I made some. I didn't have a box, so I found one (It was actually going out as trash, but can very well be used for putting dirty dishes in for a while). And then I rinsed the dishes lightly and put them away - and shined my sink.

Now I have taken care of the dishes, because there was time at a later point in the day, but the sink has been pretty since early morning. It's a great trick!

I also wanted to mention that I do 15 minutes of decluttering every day. I believe that is part of the BabySteps. Decluttering means sorting out the things you actually love and use - and should have in your home - from all the other stuff that just takes up your precious space. Attack your 'stuff' 15 minutes at a time: Do you love it? Like 'love-love it' so that it warms your heart and brings a smile to your face? No? Then let it go.

So much old guilt (birthday presents we never really liked), shame (items we should have fixed a long time ago, books we should have read by now), resentment (pictures of people who hurt us f.ex.) and fear (I might not afford another one if I ever need one) etc are hidden in our 'stuff'.

Let it go.

New beautiful things that you truly love, will arrive at your doorstep as soon as you send the stuff you do not love away. And you will have what you need, when you need it - you will be provided for. "Throw away, give away, put away".

Or "Love it - Keeping it" / "Don't love it - saying goodbye.".

Todays FL task was easy; put post-it's up for the tasks we already do each day.
* Shine my Sink!
* Get Dressed - to Lace-up-Shoes
* Launch Pad / FL message

This is the beginning of a Control Journal - but needs not to be a bigger task than this. Post-its, for now.

For Infinity Project , the task was to collect pictures for our different priority areas, a vision board if we want to.

It is to be a fun and fast task - not a full day of arts and craft. Look around for immediate inspiration and collect it, allow it to become what it will. More images will surface for you to play with later :)

Mine got the theme Royal, I realized while doing the video and that feels interesting to me. I also realized my art is not actuallt in my 'priority areas'. And that is likely because I am already doing it, it has already manifested... <3

So, here is the video - enjoy, and good luck with your day!


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