Starting Anew

Recording my video today, as amends to my best friend in this my new life, I realized that maybe what I should do here in my blog/channel is to share the work I do on myself and with my life at this moment.

Eureka? Well, of course that is what I have been trying to do all along, but right now I'm starting a 30 day project involving several phacettes of my life; the very mundane and the very etherial and several levels in between.

In this period, I might try and post videos on my 'angelwork/lightwork' separately, and try and keep the posts on the project in it's own 'folder'. I don't know how to do that though, so I will keep it in the titles from now on also.

The thing is I owe you all - there are after a few of you coming in every now and again to see the progress here - some videos about the healing work that me and my friend did in primarily around the turn of the new year. And about general spiritual questions I've been processing.

So, from now on I will call the posts and videos: UV - for Uriels Vingar (Uriel's Wings) for the 'angel stuff' and general spiritual discussions etc. And PSA - Project: Starting Anew for the 30 days and things related to that.

Edit: I decided to change that. Normal spiritual videos are just with a normal headline, while the Start Anew project is marked with "DAY X:", feels better. <3
To keep this from being to time consuming, I do not guarantee that I will post every day, and not that there will be video - but I will post all 30 project tasks for anyone to follow, hopefully ahead of the day in question. These can be started and restarted at any time, or skipped and as FlyLady herself says: "Your are not behind, just jump right in!".

This will be fun actually! / Mi


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