DAY 5: What Will Inevitably Be

Day 5 of this project, Start Anew, is fun! We are to visualize our life as we really want it to be, and then for the second part of it we are to transform our negative voices one at a time, into loving words, that can help us stay in Love!

But first - one (two actually) of my Loves:

                                          My Lace-Up Shoes <3

I never imagined loving a pink pair of sneakers before, but that's what FlyLady can do to you... :)

To work we goDay 5 Infinite Possibilities

In my video I tell you what I visualized. Maybe you are more experienced in Law of Attraction than I am and can find flaws in how  I visualize. But I really urge you to just trust the process without perfection, if that is the case. I do very few things perfectly, this is an utterly imperfect world. We are in fragile human bodies with a very limited time span - we're in time for crying out loud! - so nothing has to be perfect. Just go with it. Find a way to visualize being in your dream life, how ever you do it, take scents and touch, sound, fabric, sun, emotion with you - be in this life for a few minutes.

It will do the trick.

If you live it - it will inevitably be. Because it already is.

Mike Dooley speaks of being in the WOW!'s not in the HOW?'s - so that is a good reminder; it is not the journey we imagine, it is the end result. Skip anything that is logic. I had to remind myself a few times...  Have fun!

And for FlyLady the task today is to listen in and notice any negative statements about yourself - to write them down - and to then transform them into positive, loving statements. Many of you have probably done similar tasks before; don't skip it. Just do it. There is no end to this cleaning process, negative can and will always ge a hold if we are not dilligent. And if you haven't done this before - don't do too many. Take five a day. That is enough.

If a negative statement says something about your value as a being; respond "I am exactly as I am supposed to be". (Not "No, I'm not lazy!" "Or"I am hard-working!for example - whether you are lazy or not is beyond the scope of us, The has us exactly were and how we are supposed to be. Not up to us. It takes practice - and I probably made mistakes this time still - but we want to get around the judgements:

What we are, how we are does not affect our value and worth. 

We are safe and divine and on a shimmering path of enlightenment and a glorious future... Everything is exactly as it should. We hold love, power, integrity, empathy, healing, light, abundance and freedom in ourselves; infinite possibilities and unconditional love. It is within reach, it is ours, it is us.

My five cents. Have a lovely day!


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