DAY 1: First steps

On my very first day of my Starting Anew project I decided on which daily habits I really wanted to work on getting into my system. My system is as I have mentioned before, very very resilient towards routines and automation. It doesn't really happen. I still wake up and go about my new day for an hour or more before I - maybe - get the brilliant idea that maybe I could eat breakfast! Or get dressed, or check what time it is in case I'm late, or check my calendar to see if I have anywhere I need to be.

Amusing to watch for the watchers surely, not always amusing to live. Lots of late, lots of stress, lots of eating after the hunger break point etc etc.

Any way, for my new start I had a few important things, I actually really need to remember doing everyday - one of which I forgot in my last post. Firstly, I need to work on my teeth - to have time to floss and rinse and brush with a pointed brush and apply anti-inflammatory. It's quite some work, and I have been cheating, skipping and avoiding it. Dentists are expensive - this is important. It also affects my self-worth to feel like I'm not taking good care of myself. An opportunity to practice self-love, basically.

Then there is the one I forgot earlier; vitamins. I have deficiencies in B- & D-vitamin and iron, and both of my children have slightly low levels too. Remembering to take our supplements everyday, is important! 

My dog has nails that grow really fast, and I can never keep up with grooming them. She also dislikes having them trimmed, so it is a situation I postpone way too much. If I take two nails a day, M-F I will go through her paws in four weeks which is reasonable. I will try this, see if it works when it is a daily chore.

Finally, I do better when I wake up by myself an hour or so before I need to get the kids up. So 5:30 is ideal, but I'll settle for 6am. Which means turning the lights off at 10 pm (22). I never want to turn the lights off, evenings after putting esp. my son to bed is 'my time'. It is when I roam Spiritual Forums, it is when I reply to emails and messages. It is really my time off.  But - I want to find this time somewhere else, or at least shorten it. Something. Lights are out at 22:00. (+/- 5-10 minutes).

At the center of the Starting Anew project is of course the two 30 day (31) projects Infinite Possibilities and Beginners Baby Steps. Here is the video to Infinite Possibilities Project DAY 1:

"Get Clear About the New Year" is the title, and Mike Dooley suggests writing down some general areas of your life 3-8 maybe, that you want to improve and and then to prioritize them 1-2-3. Before starting to write on this you might consider getting a notebook for the project work, it is really nice to have all of these thoughts and ideas collected in one place, I know from experience.

When I do these things I always look for a way to get a cool achronym :)

So for me the areas are 'spirituality: my mission' That I shorted as Uriels Wings (Vingar in Swedish) UV. That's the most important thing.
Then my social life. It has been non-existant for years now, for various reasons, I really want that to change. Friends is abundance to me. I chose the word 'Others'.
Then my children, how our life works out together; I chose the word 'Royal' because I was inspired around New Years that abit of regality probaly would go along way with my kids :)
Then Love - romantic love - for me. I've been non-dating for even longer than my social life has suffered, I believe it is about to be time now to at least register who is around me and keep an open mind. The word i chose is Kärlek, the Swedish word for Love.
Then Income - this covers being able to use my talents, being challenged intellectually etc but also to get monetary appreciation for it. My finances are small and it is restricting for both body and soul.
And finally to keep working for my sustainable farm - the word I chose is Dream, to keep that dream alive, to take steps towards it, to learn skills, to be ready when opportunity shows itself.

The achronym, then - is UV-Orchid... I already did this step at New Years and also made an image for it:

(I know UltraViolet cannot be seen, just play along now, this is prettier...!)

So, think about your life and the coming year and jot down some thought. You can find more inspiration here:

And finally the very first Baby Step for FlyLady my favorite purple fairy person: Shine Your Sink.
FlyLady talks a bit before sending us out on the steps, you might want to read this.

Take your time on this one. The first time I did it I realized I needed to buy some supplies before I could get started so my baby steps got started one day later than I intended, but it was worth it. To this day my sink has not been cleaner than that one first time <3  I have a metal counter as well and did the whole workbench. This is actually not necessary, the intention is to clear ut 'the bowls'. That is enough, and try and get them really sparkly. Here are mine now:

The trick is to finish off with window wash - and to towel dry them. I always do this now - when I'm in the routine. It just looks so much better. (I wish I had a before picture, so no one feels bad about their kitchen - but imagine coffee grinds, egg crumbles, spinache threads, small pieces of wet bread and grease from pots stuck on the sides - and add dishes, lots of it.

Now its pretty and shining and ready to meet me in the morning and put a smile on my face!

Good luck! 


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