DAY 6: Hot Spots and Baby Steps

So today I'll keep it short - I'm going to do some much needed work on my home; go rent a core drill so I can get some shelves up on my concrete walls :) But FlyLady's message today is important and deals with depression. I think everyone, depressed or not, could benefit from reading, we might need her experience some time in the future and she shares it honestly.

For our tasks, both tasks today are in the energy of effective / decisive:

For FlyLady were are to Clear a Hot Spot: This habit has helped me so much. And yes, you need a timer. I don't know anyone who knows when to stop. Two minutes only, 2. A hot spot is the side table where you put your keys, you book, the coffecup, sissors, a toy from the floor, any thing that is in your hand - it is where piles are born :) Often it is the surface in a room that looks messiest - but not always. It is an 'active' - hot - mess, it's where you still put things so to speak.

Set the timer and spend 2 minutes putting things in their right place, from the hot spot - or at least in the right room. It is ok to move things from one hot spot to another - if they get into the right room. I usually take a bucket or a plate or sth I can carry things on / in and start with the things that do not belong in the room. Today my hotspot was the side of my kitchen table: I found 3 pens, a tissue to clean glasses, an easter egg decoration, a toothbrush for LARPing, a rubrik's cube, a bunch of old newspapers and clippings and sissors left from working on the vision board the other day.

Anyway. 2 minutes is nothing. But there is magic there...

For Infinite Possibilies today is Day 6: Take Baby Steps. Mike Dooley asks us to do something to take us closer to our dream. He also explains the difference between taking Baby Steps and going into the cursed how's. So, to activate The Universe in helping us out and creating what we envision, we need to start moving towards it  - in Baby Steps. It does not really matter what we do, the dream is not going to come true by us walking all the way along any path we can see... When we move - The Universe starts building, and suddenly there is a sidedoor opening where we can just step into our new life. That's how it's worked for me. The solution is outside of my imagination, I did not do it; it happened to me.

But we get The Universe started by taking action. So, go. Do anything that has something to do with bringing you closer to your dream - the outcome is irrelevant, doing the action and your intent is not. Hit the ball - and it'll like quantum mechanics pop back out at you from a different direction - full of goodies :)

Also, here is an image of my 30day daily check-off list... Just because I like it <3
Have a beautiful day!


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