DAY 8: Flight Plan & Escape Stories

Today is Day 8 of my own Start Anew project. For me so far, I've managed quite well - not perfectly and that is actually exactly how it should be, to combat perfectionism ;). This morning I took the clothes I had laid out yesterday and put them on, together with my lace-up shoes, my Pink Magic Shoes.. I came into my kitchen and was greeted by a shining sink, and while I made my morning coffee I did the items of dishes that I had put away in my dishes box last night, before shining my sink.

Now, yesterday I wrote that I have begun also reading and doing the 'task of the day'; yesterday was Plan & Play. Today is Wednesday: Anti-Procrastination Day. And I wanted to introduce if you haven't already found it the Flight Plan,  Here you can very clearly get a quick overview of what is in store for today. Much of what is on here is for after we finish the BabySteps, though, so don't feel like you have to do it all at once or you might well crash and burn in the process.

Anti-Procrastination was my most abhorred day in the beginning, and I can feel the pull of all the things I should have already done in my gut, now as we speak.

As spiritually interested people, this is an important day. That pull of blame and self-critizism is all low vibration. Now, the most important message from FlyLady I think, is that the mess wasn't created in a day, so it will not get fixed in a day either. We need to allow time - and The Divine - to get in and clear it for us. (And it does not have to take years, trust me!)

This is what she writes about Anti-Procrastination Day.

What is important to me is to do one of the things we've been putting off, because the weight of procrastination can be very heavy. Getting one thing done with out great effort is wonderful, getting ten things done and feeling like Gollum is not. Make a list, spend no more than two minutes making it, and then put a star on the three most urgent tasks. If they can be done at once; answering a difficult email, or making a phone call you've been dreading - do it now. Otherwise, find a spot for it in your calendar and set an alarm to remind you to do it.

And then stop. No more, try and pace yourself.

Wednesdays is actually like a worshipday for me now; It's like going to church or the temple. Writing a list, and getting to remove some of the low vibration items - and getting light and love and divinity instead, it's a really beautiful habit!

But to get back to the basics: BabyStep for today is to get a binder. This is the beginning of the 'control journal' (not my favorite work, as you might have guessed). I will call it The Daily Guidebook instead <3   For me, filling in and making these pages and lists needs to be a mix of 'work in progress' and inspiration; if I don't get to use colors and make it pretty and funny and inspiring to me, I will not love it and love to use it. If I don't remember that it is a working document I will not love it - because it is not perfect :)

(Yes, there is still work to be done here, for sure, on this soul to accept the imperfection of human existance ;))

I will upload a pic of mine when I've actually done it... :)

OK, to Infinite Possibilities now: Today we are changing one of our stories about ourselves. I LOVE THIS TASK! I LOVE THIS VIDEO! There is such an obvious energy of truth to his words in this one, and the power of the stories we tell is humungus, it can simply not be overestemated. Listen to him, listen to him twice or thrice - and be brave and allow yourself the gift of being honest here; what is your story today? "That could have been me, but.... " *going-to-my-most-honest-space-now

Story 1: That could have been me, but... I have an addiction, I was not allowing the divine to come in, so I got lost and used everything and everone around me, to serve my ego, to fill the void of the absent Divine. I failed becasue I was an addict; workaholic, adrenaline junkie, co-dependent, love addict, depravation addict...


Story 2; That could have been me, but.. I have ADHD and this led me to over-extend myself throughout my life, to the extent that I broke; my brain broke, my soul broke, my life broke, I've been pulling up the shards of my life ever since.

Changing these now;
1) Ever since I got into recovery for my addiction my life has turned around completely. (And this is true). Finding a solid place to work on my connection to a Higher Power has rocketed me up into a rich and beautiful and safe spiritual life, where everything is possible and love abounds.

2) Ever since my final burn out, I have had time to work on my spirituality; it was a blessing not afforded to many, to be at home when my son was young, to have no other thing I 'must' than to allow for acceptance of the situation to fully arrive and to experience gratitude grow and blossom. Having very limited abilities, allowed me true knowledge of the abilities that I really have; the communication and connection with the Divine in many shapes and forms.

I am grateful for the life I got, I am grateful for the knowlegde I gained, I am rich as a result of it - in utter abundance and grace <3

Phew. It worked. And I really mean it, too ;)

EDIT: Here are pic's of my now started Daily GuideBook (aka Control Journal):


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