DAY 10: Timers and Themes


I don't think I will have time to do my tasks today, possibly later in the evening, but I thought I'd post the links for you, anyway:

Infinite Possibilities Day 10: Create an affirmation for each theme.

FlyLady BabyStep 10: The Power of 15
This one has forever changed my life, just so you know it. And the important detail - to sit down for 15 feet up - is what makes it magic. Sitting down relaxing - with good concience, gives more energy than any amount of time procrastinating... I remember how quickly after I started flylady that I decided to invest in a pretty timer.

I was poor as can be, but I started giving myself pennies (the equivalent in my currency of course) for the tasks I did in FlyLady. I knew which one I wanted, and decided at the end of each week if I had completed the BabySteps and the 15 minutes I got $5 - one for each day. It was quite a lot for me, in my budget - but the effect of the 15 minutes was so miraculous that I even changed my name, and $1 a day I decided I had to find for myself.

This is my  time today, my first one was just light blue instead...  <3

Good luck today! 


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