DAY 15: HalfWay

Today we reach the halfway mark, how have your experiences been so far?

Personally, I think it was too much for me to do both projects at the same time; AND document it here for you guys. So, I've used the FlyLady steps to remind me of the tasks that I've 'fallen out of doing' since last time. Not too much effort to be honest, only decluttered 15 min/wee in the first week. But my home is not a complete disaster anymore, so I'm resting a bit in the fact that getting the routines back one at a time will be enough to lift my everyday life markably.

When it comes to Infinite possibilities, I have payed even less attention; I have done the tasks - but not with the love, excitement and joy that they deserve. Once I've gone through the BabySteps once, i will start the Infinite over again, just for myself - and give 5 quality minutes to building my manifesting muscles <3

So todays task in Infinite Possbilities Day 15: Send thoughts of love. We are to find that  bubbly place of having it all, and how we from there would send love graciously and generously to all. And to do it now:) 

Beautiful video. "Be careful, Brother!" has echoed in my mind many times since I first saw this. Enjoy it.

FlyLady BabyStep 15: Make you bed. There quite a bit more to say about this point, and it was around this time, in my first FlyLady effort that I realized my home was entirely changed. The bed beautifully made with only pillows and blankets I love, the rest decluttered and sent forward - was like a priceless luxur hotelbed to me. The sink in the kithen, all the surfaces neat, floors walkable, boxes gradually sorted 15 minutes at a time, all rooms fixed up - the worst area of my home 5 minutes at a time (Room Rescues). And with what felt like no effort (maximum 15 minutes at a time) my home was beginning to shine through the debris.

I really wish that experience for a lot more people.

Good luck with today!


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