DAY 12: Celebrations and the Week.

Infinite Possibilities Day 12: Plan the Celebration This one is easy and fun :) Enjoy!

FlyLady BabyStep 12: Delete FlyEmails. This one is very important, delete without having read, do not feel like you miss out on something - you will get the messages you need at the time you need them. When FlyLady routine is established, feel free to unsubscribe from the mails, so you dont get digital clutter. I do not agree w FlyLady here; Digital Clutter most certainly IS clutter, you cant organize it - it needs to go.

- - - -

So, today is Sunday - for me. I just realized now, that if you have decided to join the project after me, you will likely be on other weekdays than I am, but you of course already knew that.

But this means that instead of writing here about what Sundays mean to me, I will plot out the week as FlyLady tells it. And we are free to change things around; if we do groceries and errands on Mondays because we have the car on that day, or we rest on Saturdays - we are of course encouraged to define our own week. For me, her 'titles' were just good reminders of things do focus on every week...

Monday: Weekly Home Blessing Hour - 7x10 fast go through the basic cleaning of our homes; sheet, trash, dust-off, sort mags/papers, vacuum, mop & windows/doors. Only 10 min for each - set timer! (sheets have to be on, but not perfect).
Tuesday: Plan and Play Day: Go through calendar, phone, letters etc to plot out the week, and see what needs to be done before when. (F.ex. school excursion means buy food for lunch/snack box). I have a folder where I put all letters with dates on - I go throught that one. I make my own 'letters' for appointments made on the phone... Play means doing something rewarding :)
Wednesday: Anti-Procrastination Day: This is the day to get it done, the stuff weighing you down! Start by making a list. Doctor, dentist, bike repairs, library books, return sth to store, call a certain friend of family, respond to certain emails etc. Then get some of these things done: 15 minutes, or a few calls that take less time. Plot in another two or so into your calendar/plan, forexample for tomorrow:
Thursday: Weekly Errand Day: This is the day to go out get stuff that are not on you 'normal route', I also do my groceries on this day - everything is at home for the weekend and for the beginning of next week. In the beginning I also tried an make appointments for Thursdays even :)
Friday: Declutter your Purse and Car /Datenight: Datenight is new to me, but I spend the evening w my kids and a film so I guess that's the single mom date, lol. But I have been surprised what effect decluttering purse has been. Decluttering my car was a miracle, made all the difference! But my purse - I didn't think I used on. Turned out decluttering my jacket pocket and my purse has found me money when I most needed it, the key I was really looking for etc etc. It's just a really good idea - and fast.
Saturday: Family Fun Day: This takes planning. Or skills in improvising. But just knowing this is the theme for the day, helped me make sure my kids did not get dragged down by my 'we need to do this and this and this...!' - but rather had something fun to do (me too of course).
Sunday: Renew Your Spirit: A day to read a good book, spend some time meditating or soaking in a bath,taking a long walk in nature, going to a museum or a music performance maybe. Spirit is of course important to me, I don't just renew my spirit on a Sunday, I do it every day, almost all the time. But a day dedicated to it, lets me remember to leave certain tasks for another day, and stay more present with a complete clearing and healing day for my own vessel and spirit.

Have a lovely day !


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