DAY 13: Not behind

So, one of the FlyLady proverbs that I use alot, to not get stuck in negativity is

"Your are NOT behind, just jump right in!"

For me this means, I do not have to do the chores I missed yesterday, but can just continue 'where everyone else is' - that is TODAY :)

In FlyLady's case, I know for a fact that even if I miss a task, it will get done soon enough, really. Any way I work the FlyLady routines will be a HUGE improvement from my life without them, so I really need not get bogged down by one missed day.

However, since I am sharing this with others, I want to appologize for missing a day, hope you could go find the tasks yourselves on the sites, and here they are anyway, the tasks for Day 13:

FlyLady BabyStep13: Is to get introduced to the missions. The missions are fast tasks specific for the area we are in this week. Todays task (not yesterday's mind you, we are NOT behind :)) is to take care of the dishes. She also says to shine your sink - but that can be a way to big task in my opinion. Here's what I would do. Fill the sink with hot soapy water, SET A TIMER for 15 minutes, rinse and plunge dishes in to the water - the do the dishes, get as much done as you can in 15 minutes. Dry them and put them away if there is time. But whan the timer rings, the only thing we are allowed to do is put the dishes that are still in the sink away in our dishes box, and let the water out. Sit down and put your feet up. Dishes can be a nightmare. The shining of sink is a before bedtime routine, it does NOT have to be done at the same time as taking a crack at the dishes. Easy does it.

For Infinite Possibilities Day 13: We practice doing Random Acts of Kindness. Make a list of challenges to do something good for someone. Watch the video and enjoy this wonderful mission :)

EDIT: I was just in to read up on this one, a few days later and saw the craziest Freudian slip ever; I had written "Random Acts of Sadness".... I will have to muse a little on that; it is really true - for me kindness and sadness are very closely linked. It is an instinct to be kind to someone who is sad. But I guess also that to be sad - instead of mute, angry, hopeless etc, there has to be a certain amout of trust that life can/could be different. Trust and kindness are both rather intimate sentiments also. I can be sad when I lose something I really like. And kindness is something we show to people to show we care. There is more, but I will stop for now. But what is a "Random Act of Sadness" I wonder. Maybe this is also that when people are kind, when I am kind, I am reminded of how much it is needed; of how much MORE kindness we would need? idk. :) later / mi


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