DAY 20: Climbing Mount Washmore & Co

Today's tasks are both easy - and GREAT!

The Baby Step 20 is One Load a day keeps Mount Washmore Away; do one load of laundry every day. This only works if you have your own laundry machine, and to this day I am not as successful with my laundry as I was where I lived when I started FlyLady years back. But there is a something for everyone here - if you do have a laundry machine, start it in the morning, perhaps with delay so it's done just as you get home - and you can hang it to dry or put it in the dryer. And If you don't have laundry for every day of the week, then the following morning you can fold, and put away. If you have more laundry you fold in the evening - I get my kids to help, and we sometimes fold watching a show. Everyone puts their own clothes away.

And I make sure I collect laundry everyday; from couches - the floor! - the bathroom - hallway. It's a daily laundry walk :)

Mike Dooley asks us to do something far more festive :) We are to make a list of people that have done what we want to do; our future peer. People we would like to meet, hang out with, have natural connections with. And to imagine how we meet and greet them. A task to propell us into our future life with our minds. It's fun. We can all make some new best friends today!, to add to our old ones.

Infinite Possibilities Day 20

Good luck :)


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