Light Waves, Massive! and Unstoppable

This video is about my new powers... I've been upgraded, lol.

No, but seriously, I was on the bus yesteday and almost knocked people over with my first light wave, it was so massive. I got to try out my new 'gear', just a first attempt, but very promising.

And if I drop the video game analogy for a second; I have found yet another new quality for the light, that I can work with - it is an even more massive quality, almost like matter, and the waves of it travel across great distances without hinderance.

The word I am looking for in the video is 'unstoppable'. The waves, once they were sent off, took on the quality laws of nature; as certain and dependable as the predictable movements of the planets f.ex. Unstoppable. 

I am going to learn more in the coming days of course, but this is the first experience with it. Enjoy!


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