DAY 9: Out with the old - and in with the New

On our 9th day of the Start Anew project, again FlyLady and Mike Dooley go very well together;

I realize I have jumped the gun on one thing; For our FlyLady Project today is the day we start decluttering, getting rid of the old. Todays task is to read the article on decluttering - and to do a 5 minute Room Rescue - in our worst room.

What is a 5 min Room Rescue? It is to spend 5 minutes 'clearing a path' in your worst room, the area you would not allow anyone to see.

I thought at first it would be the bedroom, for me, but I let people see my bedroom - then I realized the big closet, that's the room. It is jammed with everything I do not use daily and things that maybe should be in the basement storage room - or maybe be decluttered and let go of. Anyway, clearing a path it is...!

And what better then, when we are dealing with letting go of the old and of the past, than to turn, with Mike Dooley, towards the New:

In the video in the linke above ^ ^ ^  , Mr Message from the Universe talks about our beliefs, and how they are tricky to look at and know if we 'really believe', so he asks us to write som New Beliefs - that we wish we had.  Great examples in the video. And then to continuously for ever more pay attention to our actions and thoughts and intentions - so that we go about our lives as if we these beliefs were ours. 

Because - and here's the kicker - if we do that, they will be ours. 

This is such an easy thing to do, many of us are probably already doing it in one form or another, but it is a really good idea to Start Anew every now and again; and look those beliefs over.

First time, I used several of the ones Mike has as examples "I believe thoughts become things", "I believe there is enough for everyone" among others. I don't need those today - I believe this. I don't just believe it, I know it. Life is Magic, there are no limitations.

So, what are some beliefs I would want to really improve and solidify, where I might still have some shreds of light? My focus areas are UV - sprituality, O - others/social life, K  - love, R - royal/homelife,  I - income, D - dream/the farm.

Heres' one:  (UV) "Gaia will survive this!, I need only to do my part of the Divine Plan".

UV: "In my Lightwork I inspire by example, I need not see the ripples or where they go to know this in my heart".

O: "Kind, loving, funny people love to be my friends".    (yes, this one shows some somber attitudes lingering, I hesitate to write it, but hey, I said honesty, so here you are)

"I am receiving change in my life".

R: "We are Royal".

K: "My Love is always with me." 
     "Trust and intimacy and love is available to me - here on Earth".

I: "The Universe provides for me."
"My services have monetary value to so an abundance of people."

D: "There is a place, getting ready for my arrival there."

"There is a way to live in harmony and proximity to what we consume, in abundance."


That's it for today! Good Luck! 


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