DAY 19: Change for Others Too

It's Day 19 :)

Not bad. If you've noticed, not all days' tasks are really any effort at all. Todays couple of assignments are of that kind, at least for me, 'cause doing things for others is so much easier, than caring for me.

FlyLady's task Baby Step 19 I'm not even sure I found a task - is it 'read testimonies'`? That's what I'm going with at least. So, here's the thing: there are sooo many emails. One of my most important tasks everyday is to delete all emails I'm not 'loving or needing' to read - much like stuff-declutter. So, on most days I delete all FlyLady emails except the one for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. AND if there is a title that speaks to me: I'm stuck! on a day when I'm feeling stuck etc.

So, that is my task for you - delete, but open one email that makes you a bit curious first. Don't get stuck, just brief it, see if there is a gem of wisdom for you this day :)  Others' experiences shared this way can be such gifts, give you a shortcut in life, and we really want those secret little doors that The Universe places all around to get to the next level effortlessly...!

And on that note; Mike Dooley asks us in his Day 19, to write on in what ways our dreams coming true would be a Benefit to Others. When I get a more beautiful, clean and orderly home - my children benefit by more calm and serenity, by a less stressed mother, by being able to always take friends home, by having my friends visiting every once in a while. When I succeed in sharing my ideas on recovery from burnout/stress and to some extent addiction; others will benefit by finding a clear path to walk. When I get connected to my tribe most people will benefit from the elevation of spirit we can spread via our work.

When My Love and I connect everyone around us will benefit from the way we are happier, easier and help eachother - giving more time, love and energy for everyone else.

Abundance will be passed forwards - as well as the way we can all get it.

So those are some of my thoughts on my dream life  - now you go!


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