DAY 11: Inspiration to lift us up out of Negativity

Wow, this day my whole project is beginning to come together to one beautifully orchestrated symphony, I love it.

Since before, I had decided my Daily Guidebook (aka FL Control Journal) would get some of the Visionboard work I'd done for Infinite Possibilities, and some of the sticky notes from FL have had messages I've come up with in the IP work.

But today, they are definitely singing the same song the two angels of light; Marla Cilley and Mike Dooley:

FlyLady Day 11: Inspirational Quotes

Infinite Possibilities Day 11: Surround yourself with the truth.

So, In FlyLady we are asked to put in another page in our Daily Guidbook - a page with inspirational quotes. And we did some of those - yesterday, right? And the day before? For infinite possibilites ;)
Look at her articles and pick a few of the FL quotes too, pick a few you love and maybe one or two that you would love to love, but perhaps more like fear, at the moment. I know I was hesitant about "Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family" - because I felt I was such a disaster at housework that I could not possibly 'bless' my family with it, are you crazy...?!

But I was honest with myself, and amitted I wished it was true - and I put in on there. Today I know it is true - and instead of drudging the vacuum around feeling like a failing slave, I send it forward like the torch with the olympic fire, I'm a beacon of light blessing my family even with an incorrect, imperfect vacuum ;)

Mike Dooley today speaks of surrounding our selves with the truth, surrounding ourselves with music, books, podcasts, pictures, quotes - :) - that remind us of the truth - that we have infinite possibilities, that the 'truths' we are programmed with from the sleepwalking world around us, need to have a balance - we need to help ourselves be reminded to snap our of 'sleep' truth aka negativity.

Do some research for podcasts on change, light and law of attraction, look in a bookstore in the personal developmend / spiritual section for titles that catch your heart. There are lists of inspirational music on Spotify for example, go find some of the things you would want in your life.

Good Luck!   / Mi


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