DAY 17: Celebrations and Bed Time :)

Yay, I'm back!

(For anyone who just started doing this project, you will not know the difference, but - yes, I got interrupted in my project work. But here I am, back just picking things up where I left them. And so can you, if you ever forget one day - two days, two weeks or a year. Just jump right in. It is one of the things that made FlyLady so accessible to me - an of course I will promote that kind of thinking. We are NOT behind, just jump right in!)

DAY 17 in FlyLady is a simple task. Simple, incredibly effective! - yet very, very difficult to accomplish if you struggle with it, or struggle with exhaustion and/or problem with finding alone time:  Go to bed at a decent hour.

What I did, was I started going to bed at the same time as my youngest. 8pm.

I wanted to find out how much sleep I actually needed. If I slept at 8pm, what time would I wake up. For almost two years, I woke up at 6-7-8am. I needed sooo much sleep. But then gradually I've been able to move the time, as I started waking up earlier and earlier. Now, if I turn my lights of at 10pm, I wake up just before 6am, which is a good time. Good enough. When I get a better routine of it, I will start waking up at 5:30 - by my own accord, my body and mind waking me because it is rested and ready to meet another day. Not the alarm telling me I have to :)

My best advice here is: do not cheat yourself on this one. There are riches at the end of the rainbow!

For Infinite Possibilies Day 17 we are to celebrate all the dreams of ours that have already come true. Make a list of things you have wished for, thought of, acted towards - that already happened. This will remind you that this process has already been happening in your life. And as a twist, Mike Dooley asks us to in this list add something extra; here and there add one or two or three or so of the things we NOW dream of, think of and act towards as if they too had already happened :)

This is cute and funny, and it helps us find the right mindset for manifestation. "It has already happened, it is a fact". :)

Good luck!


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