DAY 14: Calendars :)

For FlyLady today we do BabyStep 14: It is a really easy task, read an article on Calendars.  But as you probably noticed by now, if you are sticking to the routines and doing the 2 minute hotspots, the 5 min room rescue, the 15 min declutter and now also the missions - then you will have your plate full anyway.

I remember in the beginning the change was so wonderful and the relief of having surfaces to look at instead of piles was so huge I didn't want to stop cleaning and decluttering :)

But then as the days went on, not everyday I got everyting done - and I had trouble remembering all the tasks and even if I had my list, I still got a bit stressed; I wanted to get all the tasks done in the morning so that I wouldn't forget.

This of course was my perfection working. I have a build that makes it very difficult for me to establish routines - at all. So I have to invent - and reinvent - ways to have me look at what to do next. I cannot just remember, but I still think I should be able to remember :)

After a few years working with FlyLady, periodically very diligently, and periodically in a more random pattern; at least what has stuck with me is that if I see a mess: I 'Do It Now!' :) I remember the 2 minute Hot Spot task, set a timer at go for it. Very few messes are not greatly improved by 2minutes. And if it is not entirely done, I might add 3 minutes and make a 5 minute room rescue out of it. And then I take a break.

If I need to put in 15 minutes, I should decide so rested - not in Clean-Up Frenzy Mode...

So, my advice as our FlyLady List gets longer - is to write the tasks down in the Daily Guidebook, look at this in the evening and in the morning, and a few times during the day, and do what is reasonable. And other than that, not to fret to much over it. What gets done gets done, look around, doesn't it look better anyway?

Infinite Possibilities Day 14: Create a Mock Calendar for this year.

So after reading about how to use a calendar, lets jump to our dreamlife - and create a calendar for your year AS IF it was your dream year, as if it was real... :) So, I'm gonna go do that now!

Good luck!


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